Dreaming-in 2022

Charting your new course in turbulent times.

You and your life are in a constant state of becoming.

Each one of your body’s 50 trillion cells is made of 100 trillion atoms. And each one of those atoms is constantly collapsing and re-emerging into the quantum field of reality. And it’s your consciousness that determines how each one of those atoms is going to show up in any given moment.

In other words: you are the architect of your life’s design. In every instant you’re choosing what form you and your experiences take. It’s happening right now!

The challenge, of course, is that we’re all doing most of our choosing unconsciously.

Like an iceberg, most of our feelings and beliefs live below the surface of our awareness, quietly running the show while we live out our day wondering why things happen the way they do. Similar to outdated software programs, our same old patterns are constantly running in the background, driving us in directions we don’t really want to go, but feel powerless to avoid.

It’s an old story we’ve all been playing out for a long time. But the very fact that you’re here now means you’re ready to change it.

If you’ve been seeking alignment with your authentic truth, looking to live your life with expanded ease and flow, this is your year!

Not because 2022 is necessarily going to be easy…

But, it is going to be full of opportunity.

Within its fast-paced movement, choppy seas, sudden shifts and potential for breakthroughs, this coming year will offer us all the chance to usher in a whole new way of seeing and being in the world.

As Einstein said,
"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."

This year’s gift to us is an utterly fresh perspective on what is possible. A true shift in conscious awareness.

If you find the prospect of this level of change daunting, you’re not alone.

There’s no doubt we’re living in unprecedented times and 2022 is positively packed with promise and potential at the highest level.

Which is why we’re offering exceptional tools and definitive guidance in our Dreaming-in 2022 workshop.

With this workshop you will...

  • Discover how to be your own visionary and illuminate your best path forward
  • Release dysfunctional patterns, fuel your future and become an agent of hope in the world
  • Harness the year’s supportive energies: ride the wave of abundance and evolution with ease
  • Practice Feminine Dreaming to access inner wisdom and self-empowerment
  • Tune-in to the divine timing and natural creative flow of your dream
  • Reclaim your sovereignty to co-create inspiring, joy-full experiences
  • Learn exactly when to take inspired action for yourself and others

Time in with my Tools for Transformation community is always interesting, informative, supportive, inspiring and encouraging. I began with the Visioning workshop at the top of this year and have been honing my capacity to create clear and powerful daily intentions as a part of my self care practice throughout 2021. The monthly teachings in my InnerWisdom circle have helped expand my self care repertoire and I am more attuned to how I feel. I have more compassion and patience for myself and others.  Life is good.

Wendy Mather, Certified Coach

What an Amazing way to start off the New Year with two wonderful guides, Sasha and Valanne! It was one of the best decisions I made in 2021. Their Visioning course helped me gain perspective on what truly brings me joy and where to focus my attention for the year ahead.  One of the highlights was learning about setting intentions, which has given me valuable insight into living my best life on purpose and with greater ease and flow.

Christa  Wieczorek

This is Your Year!


  • A recorded teaching circle guided by Sasha & Valanne

  • Four Guided Feminine Dreaming journeys to use throughout the year

  • Your personalized Visioning Summary based on your astrological chart

  • An Inspiring planetary Cycle teaching to help focus your dreams in 2022

  • A Visioning Workbook with prompts to guide you through the year

  • A Vision Board Blueprint to help you realize your most beautiful dreams forward
  • Protected time for quiet reflection and integration

    WHEN? The best time to embrace your dream is the moment you begin.
  • Enjoy forever access to all video, recorded journeys and support materials when you sign-up 

Your Dreaming-in Guide


  • Personalized Guidance & Insight for 2022
  • Practical Planetary Teachings
  • Powerful Feminine Dreaming Practices
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Your Guides


Sasha Korper

Sasha Korper 

As a Certified Mayson Method™  Practitioner, YTT200 Yoga Teacher, Special Education Advocate and Virtues Project Facilitator, I’m uniquely positioned to bring together my two passions: Energy Medicine and Education.

For over 30 years I’ve trained trainers, developed programs, delivered workshops, and taught classes. My focus is to help you rediscover your soul’s genius and clarify your intentions to take inspired action with a joyful heart.

At times we all forget our own innocence, beauty and wholeness. These shadow beliefs can manifest in a various ways, including a vague but pervasive sense of not being enough. Our programs support you to release the blocks keeping you small so you can be less of what you don’t want, and have more of what you do.

It’s an honour for me to offer the tools you need to break open your box of limiting beliefs, clear out unwanted patterns, and realign with your inner wisdom, so you can truly live your best life on-purpose. This is at the heart of all we do here at Tools For Transformation.

Valanne Ridgeway

Valanne Ridgeway

I am a certified practicing Astrologer (CAAE III), have my Reiki Level II and have mentored with a master energy practitioner for many years. My astrological studies and practice has deepened my natural desire to delve into the true mystery and wonder of life. From within that place of mystery, I channel messages from a higher consciousness known as Zora. Describing themselves as a Soul Collective, they offer insightful guidance that flows from a place of universal love.

It feels as though this work has always spoken to the very essence of who I am and what I am here to offer. Over time the accumulation of my soul’s experiences has meshed seamlessly with my astrological understanding, intuitive abilities and my passion for assisting others. 

As we journey together, you will gain insights that empower you to align to your own life’s purpose and highest potential, illuminating your most meaningful path and best next steps forward. I look forward to sharing this special time with you.

Dreaming-In 2022

Envision your extraordinary year!

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