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Sasha Korper

Teacher / Energy Practitioner / Curious Explorer

As a Certified Mayson Method™ Practitioner, YTT200 Yoga Teacher, Special Education Advocate and Virtues Project Facilitator, I’m uniquely positioned to bring together my two passions: Energy Medicine and Education.

For over 30 years I’ve trained trainers, developed programs, delivered workshops, and taught classes. My focus is to help you rediscover your soul’s genius and clarify your intentions to take inspired action with a joyful heart. 

I offer the tools you need to break open your box of limiting beliefs, clear out unwanted patterns, and optimize your alignment with your inner wisdom, so you can truly live your best life on-purpose. This is why I joined Valanne in founding Tools for Transformation.

At times we all forget our own innocence, beauty and wholeness. These shadow beliefs can manifest in your body as injury, illness or ennui ~ a vague but pervasive sense of not being enough. I support you to release the unconscious blocks keeping you small, so your life becomes richer, fuller. So you can be less of what you don’t want, and have more of what you do.

Energy Balancing
Quantum physics shows us what the ancient mystics have known for centuries: everything is energy!

Together we identify blocking beliefs keeping you from realizing your best intentions. Using The Mayson Method™ alongside other non-invasive, effective tools, we clear those limitations and make the reconnections you need to bring your compromised aspects back into their ideal alignment. 

Strict professional standards of care and confidentiality are consistently maintained (of course).
 No need to believe in anything in particular — the energy does the work!

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The Mayson Method™ is a healing modality that uses a simple energy testing process to help you identify blocking beliefs, clear limitations, and make the vital reconnections necessary to bring your frequency into balance.

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Valanne Ridgeway

Astrologer / Channeller 
Founder ~ Tools For Transformation

I am a certified practicing Astrologer (CAAE II), have my Reiki Level II and have mentored with a master energy practitioner for many years. I also channel a higher consciousness that describes itself as a ‘soul collective’, offering insightful guidance that consistently flows from a place of universal love.  

Using these different modalities I am able to ‘see’ your gifts clearly and support you in bringing your own light into the world in ways that are most profound for you. As we journey together, you will gain insights that empower you to align to your own life’s purpose and highest potential, illuminating your most meaningful path and best next steps forward. 

It feels as though this work has always spoken to the very essence of who I am and what I am here to offer. Over time the accumulation of my soul’s experiences has meshed seamlessly with my astrological understanding, intuitive abilities and my passion for assisting others.  And so it is that Tools for Transformation was born.

Consultations & Readings
Using my knowledge, gifts and practical 'tools of the trade', I offer you access to yourself at a profound level. The insights you gain will empower you to align to your own life’s purpose and highest potential, illuminating your most meaningful path and best next steps forward. 

Astrology Consultation 
Astrology is a powerful system offering insights into any part of your life you can think of – career, finances, relationships, family, creativity, and more. From the decoding of your chart you will find practical and profound information to guide you in your day-to-day reality or long-term life plan. 

Your natal or ‘birth’ chart acts as a kind of map of your life and the ancient system of astrology provides a way to read that map. Through the symbolic language of the planets and their placement in relation to birth time and place, you can gain profound insight into your unique gifts and challenges as well as access guidance to assist you on your soul journey. 

We also look at the movement of the planets in your chart. The interpretation of these shifting energies can assist you to step through the doorway of opportunity at the best possible times, or to simply put current challenges into context, significantly reducing your stress level. 

Each reading is approximately 90 minutes. We can focus on your birth chart, or on particular concerns or challenges you’re facing now, and what to expect in the coming months.  

Your date, time and place of birth are required.  

Channelled Reading 
Channelling is a process of communication with non-physical consciousness, in my case with a group referring to themselves as a 'soul collective'. The process for me is much like translating from one language to another: I drop into a meditative state where there is open communication between this loving consciousness and myself. From this alignment of frequency they provide thoughts and messages which I then find words to express.  

A personal reading consists of answers to questions you provide or guidance in areas of your life specific to you. The soul collective brings wisdom and guidance to assist you in achieving alignment with your own true essence and soul purpose.


Channelled Reading & Energy Healing
Energy healer, Karen Mayson and I have teamed up to offer a unique healing experience that will help you to awaken your full potential through this powerful combination of channelled information and deep energy healing.

Each session combines the healing gifts we offer simultaneously to create a unique and powerful opportunity for self-understanding and personal healing.  Gain profound insights into your life purpose and key blocks to success, then shift and release deeply held patterns to step fully into your truest essence and greatest fulfillment. It is a profound and nurturing combination that stimulates deep levels of personal transformation.

Karen Mayson, founder of The Mayson Method™, is a certified Energy Medicine practitioner with over 30 years experience in the natural healing profession. She uses highly effective techniques to support the shift in the energetic patterns that prevent you from living a pain free, joy-full and purpose-full life. She specializes in areas such as addictions, anger, guilt, depression, grief, low self-esteem, P.T.S.D., financial and abundance blocks, as well as personal growth and self-transformation.  

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