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We’re an Astrologer and Energy Practitioner supporting you on your path to self-trust.

It's our passion to serve sensitive seekers like you — outliers with a unique perspective who have always felt different in the world. Use our resources, services and live online circles to help you let go of second guessing and reclaim access to your inner wisdom for deeper, more meaningful connections in all your relationships.

If you've found us then you are part of the growing number of people seeking connection and community in this turbulent time of individual and collective evolution.

 FREE InnerWisdom Fundamentals Toolkit

A beautiful collection of simple yet powerful ways to regain your inner equilibrium and reconnect to the innate wisdom within. Get your Connection Type Quiz, Release Ritual, audio guides & Inner Knowing e-book now. Preview it here.

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Maybe you’re here because you…


  • Regularly second guess yourself

  • Say yes when you want to say no

  • Look more ‘together’ than you actually feel

  • Struggle to find quality “you” time

  • Resist speaking your truth

  • Have a hard time knowing what you really want

  • Often hear your inner critic loudly

  • Lack confidence making key decisions

  • Feel surprisingly empty despite your full life

  • Sense there’s "more" but can’t quite get there

How you feel right now has a lot to do with how we were raised: being told how we should show up to be liked and valued, to gain approval and love. Those ‘shoulds’ — being nice, polite, quiet, modest — are part of the rules that box us all in. Feeling like an outsider for your awkward weirdness, you either try to fit in by betraying your unique voice, or stay on the fringe and surrender your sense of self-worth.

An equally important piece of this life puzzle is what we didn't learn: how to go within and listen for our own truth.

Our world very much still values the tangible and material over the subtle, the sensitive, the unseen. Organized religion is promoted as a way to connect-in to something bigger, but either it never worked for you or you’ve simply outgrown it.

What we long for are tools that are much more intimate: ways to go within that don't require an intermediary or guru of any kind; techniques we can return to again and again as we explore the ever-shifting landscape that resides within us. Because after all the years of inner work we’ve done, and struggles we’ve overcome, there’s one thing we know for absolute certain: everything you need is already inside you.

Learning how to listen deeply allows you to fully receive the part of you that always knows. Deep listening dispels the need for the second guess and stops the pain of self abandonment in its tracks. Because it reconnects you to your own soul’s wisdom.

When we can see, hear and receive our authentic inner voice more consistently, we make decisions and connections that feel more fully inspired and aligned with our true path. We can use that inner clarity and connection to take a stand for what is deeply meaningful for us, and speak our truth with greater conviction.

It was the desire to fill this gap in our collective experience that inspired us to launch the InnerWisdom Circle community. All our InnerWisdom Circle tools — breath practices, energy medicine, guided journeys, sound healing and more — are designed to reignite your relationship with your inner knowingness. They open inner gateways and lend clarity, helping you hear your soul’s most subtle messages more easily and consistently.

When you feel fully seen and heard for who you really are, you enter a state of grace. You feel exquisitely interconnected with the abundant flow of livingness we all inhabit but tend to lose sight of as we grow up in an environment that teaches separation from self.

And, being introverts ourselves, we get how jumping into any community can be a bit daunting. Offering you that grace and ease on your evolutionary journey is also a central part of who we are.

Which is why we offer a free InnerWisdom Fundamentals Toolkit you can access right away and use in your own time.

Check-out the Free Toolkit...

 FREE InnerWisdom Fundamentals Toolkit

A beautiful collection of simple yet powerful ways to regain your inner equilibrium and reconnect to the innate wisdom within. Get your Connection Type Quiz, Release Ritual, audio guides & Inner Knowing e-book now. Preview it here.

Your privacy is sacred. We never ever share.

The potency of InnerWisdom Circle includes

sitting in a safe space held by those who bear witness to your process with compassion as you move through your personal challenges into greater harmony with your own knowingness.

With each tool, technique or moment of connection, leave behind the false notion that we must betray our true nature in order to belong, and instead move ever closer to your own deeper wisdom.

In Circle you…


  • Experience a sense of deep presence to your unique perspective
  • Discover how to set clear energetic boundaries
  • Become intimately familiar with your real needs and how to meet them
  • Let go of perfectionism to appreciate your natural magnificence
  • Trade external validation for genuine self-acceptance
  • Reconnect with your unique creative voice
  • Build confidence by practicing what you need to feel secure
  • Believe in yourself and your innate worth instead of believing your scarcity stories
  • Practice tending to the health and wellness of your inner landscape
  • Surround yourself with like-hearted souls who see you for the unique being you are
  • Feel welcomed and supported on your journey home to you
Our Circle vibe is down-to-earth and relationship-centred, intentionally crafted to bring a smile to your heart as you reconnect with your deepest knowing. 


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As an energy practitioner I love expanding my learning about different practices and new energy management tips and tools. Their programs and presenters are consistently awesome.

Sue Meertens
Eden Energy Trainer

I have learned so much from this circle and have loved how many different practices to which we were introduced - you pick and choose what works for you - it's such a supportive community and the growth I've experienced has been extraordinary - I look forward to it every month. It's been life changing.

Luba Lesychyn

What else do we offer?

Explore our introductory Chakra course, annual dream-board building workshop, Astrology lessons, self-paced mini-courses and free monthly Astro-Clearing Circles. We regularly provide live opportunities for learning as well as a gorgeous library of resources that includes video teachings, guided journeys, e-books, and more.

A little more About Us…

Hi. We're Valanne & Sasha.

We’ve been saving the world over pots of tea for almost two decades — as colleagues, as friends and now as business partners. 

Having travelled and worked and raised grown children, our world view is complex and evolving. Though we each see things from our unique perspective, we tend to agree on everything that counts:

We choose to see the world as made up of relatives rather than resources, one in which we play an integral part but are not at the centre. Championing local, sustainable, diverse, innovative and fair is important, as is building community that is welcoming and inclusive.

With everything we’ve all gone through over the past few years, offering open-hearted spaces of kinship that uplift and inspire has become a priority. Enlightenment has always been a team sport. Now more than ever we need each other and our circles of support.

We believe that despite the increased polarization and fragmentation in today’s society that highlights our differences, overall we have more in common that is significant and meaningful at a deep level.

We acknowledge it can be easy to focus on what you don’t want or what you’re not. Our orientation is to support your positive intentions and always highlight your innate capacities and strengths.

We believe everything is energy — that our emotions, perceptions and beliefs directly impact our reality, and that our innate gifts and skills for working with that energy far exceed anything we have yet to imagine. We believe in your inherent magnificence and that personal empowerment is your birthright.

Each of us is getting better at discerning what’s true and what’s not as we age, though, like everyone, we still struggle to hear our own inner truth sometimes.

Tools for TransformationInnerWisdom Circle are certainly a labour of love. They're also real-time reflections of the personal growth we’ve done for decades and will continue to do as we travel this road of self-discovery together with you.

FREE InnerWisdom Fundamentals Toolkit

A beautiful collection of simple yet powerful ways to regain your inner equilibrium and reconnect to the innate wisdom within. Get your Connection Type Quiz, Release Ritual, audio guides & Inner Knowing e-book now. Preview it here.

Your privacy is sacred. We never ever share.