Guidance, practices & tools to reconnect you with your deepest knowing.

You have a rich inner resource circle.

A reservoir of hard-won wisdom within you that comes from lived experience.


And yet, you often second guess yourself, struggling with uncertainty and the ability to make choices that honour your deeper needs in real ways.

Even the best of us regularly abandon our own desires to focus on our responsibilities, taking care of others first, only to end up feeling depleted and resentful. Then we criticize ourselves for not practicing enough gratitude. Sheesh.

You’re really smart, so you imagined your out-of-the-box thinking would save you from this cycle of people-pleasing. But you’re also loving, creative and sensitive. So you give in a lot, which doesn’t really serve you.

We get it. ‘Walking to the beat of our own drum’ often means spending a lot of time compromising to make other folks happy, or at least more comfortable around us. We aim to be easier to please, less demanding. Sometimes we even betray our true nature to fit in.

Over time, all those accommodations separate us from who we really are.

It becomes harder and harder to access those inner resources or hear that wise voice inside. It becomes easier and easier to forget that everything we need is already inside us. That there’s a powerful part of you that always knows exactly what to choose.

We all need tools to help us access that inner wisdom with greater ease.


But our world doesn’t provide those kinds of tools. We’re taught to focus on others’ needs over our own, and that someone else's authority is more valid than our inner knowing. We spend a lot of time looking outside ourselves for what's true.

What we want is to feel appreciated for who we really are, and to be supported to forge a deep, meaningful connection with our self.

When that inner connection is rekindled, you can start believing in yourself again. You see more of what's possible, feel empowered to co-create deeply fulfilling experiences for yourself, and gracefully evolve into more of the uniquely magnificent being you are.

InnerWisdom Circle is all about restoring that relationship between you and your deepest knowing.

Access what you need to...

  • Hear your inner voice more clearly
  • Speak your truth more consistently
  • Set clear intentions that truly support you
  • Feel lighthearted meeting your own needs
  • Truly commit to your soul’s vision
  • Follow-through in ways that feel fun
  • Gain inner alignment & graceful personal growth
  • Get confident in your decision-making
  • Fully embrace your uniqueness
  • Feel a profound sense of calm and inner connection
  • Find clarity & peace within

Our talented Teaching Circle facilitators offer simple yet powerful practices live online in a soul-centred container. The follow-up Reflection Circles provide sweet opportunities for guidance, practice and integration within our supportive community.

Access all the tools and practices at your own pace through the InnerWisdom Library. Embrace the gentle evolution, profound personal growth and rich reconnection InnerWisdom Circle offers. 


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Empowering support on your transformational journey

Participating in your circles is one of the smartest things I’ve ever done…for myself, my confidence, my mental health and for my family. Being with everyone is like being blanketed with love and acceptance. Everything about your program is awe inspiring. I really feel like I am totally meant to be a part of this amazing world. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Cathy Parisi
Mayson Method Practitioner, ON Canada

Inner Wisdom Circle has helped me more than any other resource in my healing journey.  Sasha and Val are absolutely amazing, as are all of the guest speakers and the organization and ease of the resources and recordings are what set this group apart from all other groups!

D'Ann Verkamp

Arkansas, USA


Suzy Woo

Your whole life's story is alive in an energy field surrounding your body. Master Energy Healer, Medium and Medical Intuitive Suzy Woo uses a variety of tools including singing bowls and therapeutic tuning forks to zero-in on imbalances and clear energy centres with ease, so you feel more alive and connected to yourself in every way.

February: Vibrational Healing

Using sound to recalibrate for joy

Karen Mayson

A certified Energy Medicine practitioner for over 30 years, instructor and creator of the Mayson Method, Karen’s open-hearted, intuitive insight and vast professional wisdom supports you to navigate your life’s path with joy as you gently dissolve blocks to your vibrant health and personal transformation.

March: More Energy Medicine

Clearing sticky subconscious blocking beliefs

Anne Finlay

A registered Psychotherapist, trained Mindfulness practitioner and champion of self-healing, Anne's perspective is guided by her exploration of embodiment and the well being that results in listening deeply to your body’s communication. She will bring awareness to the potency of Tantric philosophy and share practices designed to awaken us to the universal energies innate within us. 

April: Tantric Breathing

An ancient practice for body awareness and deep connection

Roxana Roshon

With her Ph.D. in Toxicology and Environmental Biology and more than 15 years of consulting experience, Dr. Roshon bridges the gap between Western science and complementary therapies. A highly intuitive healer who supports sensitive people feeling disconnected from themselves, others, and nature, Roxana will share blood sample photos before and after energy medicine that convinced her of the power of energetic healing. Using a combination of Channeling and MesoAmerican Shamanic Healing techniques, Roxana will help activate our inner power, connection to the earth and cosmos, and take us on a heart healing journey.

May: Earth Beats / Heart Beats

Return to innate health and wellbeing

Sunday Oliver

Sunday Oliver is a holistic practitioner who likes to work in the realm where logic meets magic. Using a healing catalyst modality, she helps people who are exhausted or overwhelmed regenerate their personal power to feel more fully vibrant and present in their everyday life. 

June: When the Fight Response Recedes

Inviting calm to reduce inflammation and increase awareness

Dr. Doug Tataryn

A long-time meditator with a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, Dr. Doug Tataryn developed the Bio Emotive Framework, a powerful tool for understanding and facilitating human transformation. He coaches clients for increased performance and quality of life, using this framework to bring healthy emotional processing and healing to the world. Dr. Doug will guide us through an experiential psychographic exercise to help reveal the core feelings at the root of any distortions, triggers, or sensitivities we have in life. This exercise will also give us the lived experience of a feminine, feeling-based approach to problem solving, an important complement to the masculine, rational approaches typically taught in our society.

July: Feeling-based Problem-Solving

Experiential exercises for emotional healing

Dr. Lesley Phillips

A Spiritual teacher and Psychic Development trainer since 2003, Dr. Lesley is a scientist who became a psychic. She believes we all have intuitive gifts that relate to our unique life purpose. In her book “Intuition and Chakras” she explains that Chakras channel 22 psychic abilities, there are 7 common intuition blocks and 2 keys to access your intuition. She shows us how we can work with our energy to transcend specific challenges we each bring to this embodied life.

August: Intuition & Chakras

Seven blocks & two keys to unlock your intuition path

Nathalie Jackson

A certified ShadowWork® facilitator, Nathalie Jackson is the founder of the Woman Unveiled School of Women’s Mysteries, guiding you to identify your blocks, rise above your fears, and rediscover the truest version of you. She’ll take you on a journey of discovery to explore the Shadow side of your inner child, learn what you need at the deepest level, and how to access inner resources to feel more fully supported on your evolutionary path.

September: Shadow Dancing

The art and craft of a well-loved Inner Child

Sharon Black

Life Coach Sharon Black passionately believes that when we step through fear, get unstuck and reconnect with our authenticity, shift happens. Her focus is to help you tune-in, light-up and and feel totally free to audaciously live the richly coloured life you were born to live.

October: Audacious Opening

Moving emotions with conscious breath & journaling: A practice

Melanie Phillips ~ Madhuri Method

Author, Yoga teacher trainer, Ayurvedic Practitioner & Energy Healer Melanie Phillips is dedicated to helping you expand your capacity to love and experience freedom. Her Inner Mastery programs facilitate and support your healing at the root cause of imbalance, empowering you with the wisdom to listen to your body while teaching you how self-acceptance is the most profound form of healing.

November: Embody Self-Love

Unlock your inner potential for healing and compassion

Delia Beadle

A Shamanic Shadow Guide, Sacred Circle Facilitator and Dream Tender, Delia provides a container of unconditional love, support, and safety as your soul endeavours to embody its own wisdom and come into its self-actualization and power. Delia helps you navigate your suffering, remove the negative debris that holds you back from receiving your joyous body, mind, and heart, so you can once again become a keeper of the sacred medicine you carry within.

December: Shamanic Guidance

A journey to meet your Power Animal


Lori Wilson

An MSW and founder of Inner Access 101, Lori has been offering channeling, intuition training and traditional counselling since 1983, and consciously channeling Grandmother, her ancient Shoshone spirit guide, since 1989. Through Inner Access 101, Lori provides training and guidance to thousands of students around the world.

January 2024: More Intuition Tools

The foundations of gaining guidance


A tarot card reading is a conversation with your soul. I’m the interpreter. I’ve been reading tarot cards for over 30 years, helping clients around the world discover their purpose and reach their potential, while facing challenges with clarity and courage. My motto is “Woo Woo Without the Cuckoo” and my mission is to enlighten, inspire & empower with tarot.

February 2024: Tarot Magic & Ritual

Sahar Younes

A certified Reiki Master & Teacher, Sahar is a gifted intuitive healer highly sensitive to her clients’ energy field. From within her professional sessions she helps create an abiding sense of inner calm, offering you the clarity you need to set potent intentions based on your soul’s purpose. “Anytime you are stilled and quiet and centred is a healing time.” 

March: Self Reiki with Intention

Using your practice to inspire action 

Sue Meertens

A certified Eden Energy Practitioner, EEM Trainer, and Healing Touch Practitioner, Sue is passionate about supporting you to tap into your innate ability to balance your own energy and return to vibrant health.

April: More EEM Goodness


Candice Rasa

A licensed Social Worker and Integrated Energy therapist, Candice utilizes holistic perspectives to focus on mental, emotional and spiritual healing within a personal framework, and with an awareness of ancestral karma. She feels honoured to support others in alchemizing painful experiences into sacred ones, engaging the magic and healing of the Akashic Record from a Buddhist perspective. Candice will share tips for opening to divine connection and accessing higher wisdom, and offer Akashic Channelling to answer questions.

May: Your Akashic Record

Learn to hear divine inner guidance

Sarah Brimson

Certified nutrition expert, Yoga teacher and Yoga Nidra specialist Sarah Brimson is focused on supporting you on your journey to greater self-love through a self-care regimen that includes mindful movement and conscious nutrition. Bringing her natural gift for embodied living into her practices, she shares easy approaches to restoring the autonomic nervous system, shifting brainwaves for better intuitive alignment and bringing heart and brain into greater coherence for overall wellness, energy and clarity.

June: Yoga Nidra

A deeply restorative practice for rest & reconnection

 Your Supportive Community 

Your Peeps Await...

We know we’re better together. We learned long ago that enlightenment is a team sport. Gathering in conscious community makes us all stronger. Joining this circle brings you into an expanding group of thoughtful souls inspired to connect more deeply to our own inner wisdom so we can walk that out in our everyday lives. Connecting with like-hearted folks eases the challenges we all experience in the face of change. We all gain self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-love when we learn and play together. It takes courage to walk this path. Which is why we offer a safe and sacred space for your process. You are fully supported as you explore timeless tools in new ways, reawaken to your innate knowing and practice navigating your inner world with grace and ease. 

See you on the inside,

Val & Sasha

Our Journey

Sasha Korper 

The term ‘seeker’ has always resonated with my innate burning curiosity and constant need to know. As an only child of a twice-divorced, business-minded Mom, my formative years were marked by chaos: flying alone to visit Dad at age six; months of world travel at age eight; nine different schools by high school. Rootless and surrounded by various extended family and friends, people-pleasing became second nature. Figuring out what the nearest adult needed and then finding ways to provide it was a nifty survival tool. It worked a charm. 

Until at 25 I found myself with a beautiful baby, married to a nice man from a good family... and utterly miserable. Where had I gone wrong? What was wrong with me that I couldn’t be happy in this dream life? That year I sat across from an Astrologer and had my first ‘Aha’ moment as she re-introduced me to myself in my Natal Chart. There would be many more moments of awakening along my path of self-discovery: decades of sitting in circle, doing guided visualizations, going out on ceremony, practicing Yoga, and studying the cycles of the Moon.

Like so many before me, I ultimately recognised the journey within is the greatest adventure of all. The process isn’t always graceful: self-actualization can be a messy business for sure. Learning to use powerful tools to set clear intentions with awareness has been key to emerging from the chaos and realising my richest, most meaningful life. Looking in the rear-view mirror, I’ve been a teacher for over half that time. But even as my sixth decade approaches, I remain a perpetual student of this precious life. And so it is I invite you to join me on this great explore – courageously seeking and empowering your own inner voice as it guides you to your profoundly inspiring life full of possibility.

Valanne Ridgeway

I have been on a journey of self-discovery most of my life. At an early age I began exploring a wide variety of disciplines contributing to my understanding of consciousness and the role it plays in the life we create. I lived a life full of adventures and rewards, while being presented with recurring challenges based in long-held negative patterns of belief about myself I felt utterly powerless to change.

For years, juggling the demands of running a business and maintaining a family, I lived with the awareness that I wasn’t fully aligned to my purpose.  And then I was stopped in my tracks by a health crisis. Forced into an unfamiliar pause to get well again, I dropped deeply into myself. As is often the case, alongside these difficulties came opportunities for a major shift in perspective, the most significant being the practice of conscious intention-setting. And then everything fell into place.

I began manifesting a path more aligned to who I am on a fundamental level. I expanded my self-awareness by diving back into my astrological studies, a passion that had taken a backseat to my role as mother and business owner. As this new way of being in the world took shape, my co-creative power surfaced with greater clarity, and I began to trust my ability to manifest a life of joy for myself. I can truly say my life was transformed!

Over the years I noticed my old beliefs and perceptions echoed in many women around me. I quickly realized I could be a catalyst for change, sharing the same timeless tools that support my life so fully. And so, I invite you to discover these simple yet potent ways in which you can truly become the agent of your own meaningful, purposeful, passionate life

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Grandmother's Monthly Focus 
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One of our favourite sources of wisdom from an ancient Shoshone Elder: Lori Wilson's Spirit Guide, Grandmother looks ahead into time and space and shares the common learning theme for the month ahead. Use it for overall orientation, inspiration and energy focus as you navigate your month with greater ease. Includes a 2-page PDF and mid-month 30-min. audio recording.

Enjoy Grandmother’s Monthly Focus as our gift to you for 2023 (a $24.99 value).

Guided Self-Reiki Chakra Balancing (audio)

with Sahar Younes, Reiki Master & Teacher

Achieve relaxed focus, feeling both calm and alert after only one round of this graceful practice.

“Anytime you are stilled and quiet and centred is a healing time.” Sahar

Step into the circle of your InnerWisdom. 

Open to receive supportive guidance and practical tools on your journey back to yourself and your own deeper knowing.


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Val & Sasha

What happens when a Channelling Astrologer teams up with an Energy Healer to bring you gifted guest presenters every month? You gain some amazing insights, plenty of laughs and a whole lot of magic! This is the alchemy of friendship focused on creating conscious community to companion you on your journey through self-awareness into greater fulfillment and joy. How blessed are we to have access to these powerful practices during this time of evolutionary change in our world? We are forever grateful for the love we receive from all our guides, seen and unseen.


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