7 Practical Tools to Transform Your Energy & Your Life


Discover a series of simple practices to re-align with your innate abundance, reconnect with your inner knowing and support your vital energy to feel clear, calm and empowered every day.

There’s a quiet voice inside you longing to be heard.

It’s not the demanding voice of your inner drill sergeant always pushing. 
It isn’t the needy voice of your inner child crying out for attention. 
It isn’t even the voice of your mature adult solving problems.

No. It’s actually your soul’s voice. And it belongs to your truest, sweetest, most genuine Self.

This is the Self hiding inside. The You that yearns: to laugh deep in the belly, to be in the effortless flow of dreaming, to sing your soul song.

Fully embodying this genuine you – really feeling what’s true for you, holding a clear, compassionate container for all your experiences equally – is key to living a rich, satisfying life. It’s also a bit of a lost art.  

As a service-focused, super capable go-getter, you take care of others’ needs and rise to society’s expectations really well. You do so much for so many.

And yet, so often you feel like a follower instead of a leader in your own life.

Day-to-day demands pull you out of yourself. From the moment you're awake your focus is elsewhere – work, family, friends; household, community, the planet! 

There is always more to do. A never-ending cycle of need.

We’ve all been raised in a culture of service over self. We’ve effectively internalized the story that our worth is tied to how others see us; that our value is essentially performance-driven. We get it!

So. You give and do and help and care. In fact, you overdo, over-care and over-deliver, until there’s nothing left.

And then you wait. For that feeling of satisfaction that comes from a job well done, from seeing others happy.

 But somehow, no matter how good it is, it’s never enough.
 Somehow, despite having taken care of all the things, you’re left feeling empty instead of full. Drained instead of energized.  

You’re left wondering: What just happened?

This is how it feels to totally give yourself away. Giving is good, but too much of a good thing is still too much.

And here’s the rub: no one rushes to tell us not to act like a bottomless source of support in our world. Most of us were never taught how to set clear boundaries with our love and attention, how to say ‘no’ without feeling badly, or that the first and most important person you’re responsible for is you!

That’s why we created Glow With Your Flow.

Because we all need a little reminder now and then. Honestly, most of us need a whole lot more. Yes, that awareness is already within us. But to gain real access to it we need direction, support, a roadmap and tools.

In this unique 7-week course, you’ll get the guidance you need from 7 specialists, each focused on bringing you the best they have to offer. You’ll gain profound insights, apply simple practices and receive practical tools to help you find your way home to yourself.

Each week a different practitioner will share their wisdom to support you to reconnect with your intuitive knowing, listen to your body’s innate wisdom, find your unique voice, flow with your naturally abundant energy, and more. After 7 weeks you’ll feel empowered, at peace and confident in your decision-making, ready to take inspired action amidst the shifting landscape of our current world.

Join us for 7 weeks of easy-to-apply practices designed to help you release the burden of being constantly perfect, productive and on-point. Instead enter a circle of calm, centred and connected so you can find your way home to yourself and the rich, satisfying life you deserve. We support you to...

  • Learn to quickly destress and move from surviving to thriving with ease
  • Have more authentic interactions with those you love
  • Reconnect to your intuition to empower your daily decision-making
  • Revitalize your inner knowing to gain clarity and self-confidence
  • Enhance your capacity for in-the-moment problem solving
  • Practice setting energetic boundaries that support your self-empowerment
  • Demystify the methods for using your vital energy to fulfill your desires
  • Feel fully guided and supported by your own inner wisdom
  • Reclaim your capacity to be a conscious co-creator of your daily life

Your course had a rare and lovely atmosphere of community that offered a really safe space for connection with others and opportunities to be genuinely heard.  Your curriculum was truly accessible to all levels, engaging for those of us with some knowledge but not at all intimidating to those who are new to this material. And from an educator’s perspective, your timing was right on — you were always clear while keeping the content fresh and flowing.

Christine Gallagher
Secondary School Teacher

I took the « Tools for Transformation » course at the end of 2020. The experience for me has been simply magical. I have learned a lot about myself, my energy and well-being. I can now focus on areas in my life that I want to change and I have powerful tools to guide me to success.

Charlotte Levert
Healing Touch Practitioner

Tools for Transformation workshops and courses have provided me with the power and knowledge to connect more deeply with myself. The course materials are both beautiful and practical and are a great resource for me as I refer to them regularly as I continue to learn and grow.

Sahar Younes
Reiki Master

What You Will Learn

Module One

How we breathe is how we live. 

Join Registered Psychotherapist, Yoga teacher and Qigong practitioner, Anne Finlay as she reveals ancient breathing techniques practiced by the mystics for energy focus and personal vitality. Explore the hidden bounty of your breath and its ability to shift your experience from stressful to supportive within minutes. Understand how the way we breathe deeply impacts our well-being and quality of life. Gain a new awareness of the vital significance of your breath in managing stress at physical, mental and emotional levels. Come and be guided in simple breathing practices that ground, centre and calm you from the inside out.

  • 'Use-anywhere’ breath practices
    Learn easy, effective ways to ground, centre and calm

  • Conscious Breathing
    Reduce anxiety, insomnia and immune dysfunction

  • Connect-in
    With the spiritual aspects of breath

Anne Finlay, Registered Psychotherapist & Yoga Teacher 

Module Two

What are you telling yourself?

We all have thought habits — things we think about ourself, our life, about others at least 40-60 thousand times each day. And those thoughts become things: experiences, interactions, relationships. The language of self-talk can be a powerful, restorative tonic, or a toxic poison. Leverage the power of your words in these transformative times and shift your perspective from overwhelm to empowered in a few easy steps. Join Wendy Mather, SSW, Life Coach and Master Facilitator and explore simple strategies to set clear and powerful daily intentions and help bring out the best in your self-talk. Find yourself amidst the noise of our media-filled world through the power of virtues language and deepen your connection to your wise, inner nurturer. We’ll explore:

  • Speaking the Language
  • Setting Clear Boundaries
  • Honouring the Spirit

Wendy Mather, SSW, Certified Life Coach

Module Three

Everything is energy, including you!

The ancients have long known that a healthy energy body translates to a healthy physical body. And the health of your energy depends on the flow and balance of all your energy systems. Any challenge you have — chronic pain, mood swings, feeling disconnected — it all comes down to this: your energy flow! Truthfully, we are all healers. You were born with the ability to bring your body’s system back into balance quickly and easily. You’ve just forgotten how. Join certified Eden Energy Practitioner / Trainer Sue Meertens in this session to learn specific  techniques that enhance and balance foundational energy flows in your body. These easy-to-implement exercises are deceptively simple yet deeply profound.

  • Boost your immunity metabolism
  • Improve your everyday focus
  • Eliminate overwhelm

Sue Meertens, Certified Eden Energy Trainer

Module Four

Reconnect with your knowingness.

Your body is brilliant. It houses a deep natural wisdom that can be used to tap into the vast mysteries of the universe or help you navigate your daily life, if only you allow it. Your body speaks. It uses a rich nuanced language of feelings, sensation, responses and awareness to impart information in ways only you can truly recognize. If only you could remember how. Join Intuitive Guide Alison Clarke as she guides you in a series of easeful yet powerful exercises that help you move out of reactivity and disconnect and into awareness and connection, helping you to be in a greater state of trust with your inner knowingness. Find deep self-compassion and emerge feeling calmer, clearer and empowered to take genuinely inspired action in your world.

  • Receiving Yourself
    Be willing to feel where you are right now without judgement

  • Exploring Your Inner Knowing
    Play with methods to delve into your inner wisdom at ever deeper levels

  • Cultivating Self-Awareness
    Simple ways to easily access your deeper wisdom in daily life and build self-trust

Alison Clarke, Teacher / Intuitive Guide

Module Five

Shift your mindset, change your world.

Learn about “a simple idea that makes all the difference”: Your mindset directly affects your ability to take risks, bounce back from adversity, and build healthy relationships. Based on Carol Dweck’s Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, this session offers everyday practices to shift you from a focus on failure to feeling clear, capable and confident. Join award-winning certified transformational coach Milisa Burns as she teaches tools easily integrated into your busy lifestyle that overcome the limits of perfectionism and help you find the freedom you desire to realise your true potential.

  • Fostering Growth
    Where your mindset undermines you
  • Key Questions & Catch-phrases
    Support your everyday shifts

Milisa Burns, Award-winning Certified Facilitator and Certified Coach

Module Six

Ease-fully flow from doing to being. 

Many times we try to find equilibrium in our external world – like seeking a better work / life balance, or struggling to find time for personal pursuits amongst the busy of our day. Yet, like most things, it’s near impossible to find balance outside ourselves if we haven’t first found it within. Join Energy Medicine Practitioner Joy Caffrey as she gently shifts you from anxious and overwhelmed to grounded and focused using simple breath practice and hand mudra combinations. Find a state of greater inner ease and flow with her unique guided visualizations you can return to again and again.

  • Your Beautiful Breath
    A quick and easy grounding tool
  • Play With Your Hands
    Mudras that connect and empower

Joy Caffrey, Energy Practitioner / Workshop Leader

Module Seven

Connect with the invisible realms with ease and flow. 

Invisible realms have always been available to us all. Whether or not we choose to access them is a matter of preference, belief and skill. It is a true world that exists and is totally willing to support you in your life, health and journey. Learn about the sorts of wisdom that exists and how you can use your own birthright intuition to access this deep connection and support. With each year that passes by we can connect with our intuition and these helping energies with ever more ease and flow. If you honour your own style of receiving information and direct your focus to where you want to connect, the rest is practice, play and allowing yourself the opportunity to be a part of so much more than what the eye sees. Let me give you some pointers to get started on this fun and sacred journey!

  • Identify the types of sources of wisdom available to you in the invisible realms

  • Discover the top 3 keys you need to hone your intuition

  • Find some of the best ways to practice based on your own learning style

Lori Wilson, BA, MSW, Founder Inner Access 101 

I truly appreciate all the time you two put into organizing your course and the quality of material! You both brought so much thought, reflection and knowledge to each session. This group has definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone…in a good way! I can hardly wait to see what happens next for you. Thanks again ladies!

Milana Todoroff
PhD - Corporate E-learning

Working with Joy has been truly transformational for me personally and professionally.  Joy has an innate gift for helping people to reframe their thoughts and their energy and to reclaim their power.

Kari Gillenwater
Strategic Marketing Consultant and Growth Coach

There’s something phenomenal about Sasha and Valanne’s teachings. Every session, I end up hearing exactly what I need. Paying attention to energy has allowed me to transform my perspective on anything I put my mind to. Their program has helped me form a connection with the vast well of wisdom I always felt was inside me but didn't know how to reach.

Mackenzie Flewell

Your Community Awaits with Open Arms...

We don’t need science to tell us we’re better together. Community makes us all stronger. Joining this course brings you into a growing circle of thoughtful souls inspired to connect more deeply to our own inner wisdom so we can walk that out in our everyday lives. Connecting with a like-hearted group eases the challenges we all experience in the face of change. We all gain self-awareness, self-acceptance, and even self-love when we learn and play together. It takes courage to walk this path. Which is why we offer a safe and sacred space for your process. You are fully supported as you explore timeless tools in new ways, reawaken to your innate knowing and practice navigating your inner world with grace and ease. See you on the inside,

Val & Sasha

Our Journey

Sasha Korper 

The term ‘seeker’ has always resonated with my innate burning curiosity and constant need to know. As an only child of a twice-divorced, business-minded Mom, my formative years were marked by chaos: flying alone to visit Dad at age six; months of world travel at age eight; nine different schools by high school. Rootless and surrounded by various extended family and friends, people-pleasing became second nature. Figuring out what the nearest adult needed and then finding ways to provide it was a nifty survival tool. It worked a charm. 

Until at 25 I found myself with a beautiful baby, married to a nice man from a good family... and utterly miserable. Where had I gone wrong? What was wrong with me that I couldn’t be happy in this dream life? That year I sat across from an Astrologer and had my first ‘Aha’ moment as she re-introduced me to myself in my Natal Chart. There would be many more moments of awakening along my path of self-discovery: decades of sitting in circle, doing guided visualizations, going out on ceremony, practicing Yoga, and studying the cycles of the Moon.

Like so many before me, I ultimately recognised the journey within is the greatest adventure of all. The process isn’t always graceful: self-actualization can be a messy business for sure. Learning to use powerful tools to set clear intentions with awareness has been key to emerging from the chaos and realising my richest, most meaningful life. Looking in the rear-view mirror, I’ve been a teacher for over half that time. But even as my sixth decade approaches, I remain a perpetual student of this precious life. And so it is I invite you to join me on this great explore – courageously seeking and empowering your own inner voice as it guides you to your profoundly inspiring life full of possibility.

Valanne Ridgeway

I have been on a journey of self-discovery most of my life. At an early age I began exploring a wide variety of disciplines contributing to my understanding of consciousness and the role it plays in the life we create. I lived a life full of adventures and rewards, while being presented with recurring challenges based in long-held negative patterns of belief about myself I felt utterly powerless to change.

For years, juggling the demands of running a business and maintaining a family, I lived with the awareness that I wasn’t fully aligned to my purpose.  And then I was stopped in my tracks by a health crisis. Forced into an unfamiliar pause to get well again, I dropped deeply into myself. As is often the case, alongside these difficulties came opportunities for a major shift in perspective, the most significant being the practice of conscious intention-setting. And then everything fell into place.

I began manifesting a path more aligned to who I am on a fundamental level. I expanded my self-awareness by diving back into my astrological studies, a passion that had taken a backseat to my role as mother and business owner. As this new way of being in the world took shape, my co-creative power surfaced with greater clarity, and I began to trust my ability to manifest a life of joy for myself. I can truly say my life was transformed!

Over the years I noticed my old beliefs and perceptions echoed in many women around me. I quickly realized I could be a catalyst for change, sharing the same timeless tools that support my life so fully. And so, I invite you to discover these simple yet potent ways in which you can truly become the agent of your own meaningful, purposeful, passionate life

This Course Includes

7 Live Course Teaching Sessions

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3 Live Q&A Sessions

Connect with your teachers and deepen your practice

10 Video Recordings of Live Sessions

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7 Session Presentation PDFs

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FB Private Group Membership

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Your Early Registration Kit

Connect with Grandmother 

Channelled wisdom with Lori Wilson 

Register by February 21, 2021

Enjoy the Monthly Channeled Focus for a full year with Lori Wilson’s Spirit Guide: Grandmother, a Wise Shoshone Elder that she has been consciously channeling since 1989. Every month you will have access to a new 2-page downloadable PDF that sheds light on the energetic focus for the entire month. Have a jump on what’s ahead so you can optimize your energy flow each month!

Digital Moon Cycle Intention Journal

Register by February 21, 2021

Your inspiring, uplifting & practical tool supporting a rich reconnection with your deep feminine knowingness as a manifested presence on our planet. Full of rich, beautiful content specifically designed to help you craft and implement precise, potent and purposeful intentions.

Eden Energy Medicine Session

with Sue Meertens, Certified Practitioner

Register by February 21, 2021

Release pain, stress, and dissipate tightness with the simple, straightforward Eden Method. Experience how specific energy routines help your body find quick, immediate relief. You’ll feel rejuvenated, re-energized, grounded and centered. Put your healing in your own hands and enjoy the lightness and deep calm your body is craving.

"My body is more relaxed and pain free after an hour session with Sue than it is after most nights sleeps"  H. Mertins, Toronto   

Course Bonuses

Notice The Flow 

An Easy Breathing Practice with Anne Finlay

Take time for you: Discover an easeful approach to a simple breath practice that helps make your personal experience important. Feel reassured that there’s no wrong way to practice as you relax into this beautiful guided flow. (8 minutes)

Wendy Mather

“What happens when leaders harness their big feelings?”

An Interview with Milisa Burns. From the #LeadershipRedesigned Conference

Former lawyer Milisa Burns redefines what it means to truly lead within our human capacity to hold powerful contradictory feelings in any situation. Can we be intelligent, capable and accomplished while also showing up in our vulnerability, the place where we sometimes falter or make mistakes? You bet! This recording is one of 20 conversations with 37 champions of change from 12 countries, jam packed with wisdom, inspiration, honesty and practical shares from those leading the way in redesigning leadership.

Wendy Mather

40 Days of Joy

Self-Paced Course
with Alison Clarke Teacher / Intuitive Guide

There’s a wellspring of joy within you. Yet so often, joy eludes you. 40-Days of Joy is an invitation. It’s the voice of your own inner joy calling you back to yourself. When you consciously dance with the energy of joy in your life, you are choosing to be in the flow of that infinite source of wellbeing that exists for us all. Being in a state of joy in any given moment is the truest expression of you there is. Go ahead, choose joy today.

Wendy Mather

Energy Work & Self Care 

Tips from the Joyful Healing Centre 
with Practitioner Joy Caffrey

Energy exercises can bring both pleasant and uncomfortable sensations to our bodies. The purpose of energy work is to foster healing, self-awareness, self-empowerment and compassion. I encourage you to tune-in to your inner wisdom, feel and witness whatever sensations arise without judgment. Remember that rising sensations are doorways into a deeper understanding of you. Be curiously observant and a gentle listener to your inner self.

Start Your 7-Week Journey March 3rd

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With These Amazing Bonuses!

  • 40-Days of Joy Self-Paced course
  • Notice the Flow audio recording
  • Leadership Redesigned video
  • Energy Work Self Care Tips PDF

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Sasha & Val

It's both and honour and a joy for us to host these 7 gifted practitioners during this course. How fortunate we all are to have access to each of these wonderful women, with their unique take on the practices they offer and simple ways in which we can all integrate balanced energy flow to our everyday lives.

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