Magnetic Moon Cycles

Crafting Powerful Intentions to Cultivate Inner Clarity & Take Inspired Action

A 7-week live online course 

With Sasha Korper & Valanne Ridgeway

Discover simple practices, timeless Moon-wisdom and practical tools to realign your inner knowing, embody your unique potential and reclaim your power to co-create a rich, meaningful life.


You are a powerful co-creative force in the world. 

And you long for internal clarity amid life’s distractions, the ability to express your creative desires and depend on your inner guidance, so you can consistently conjure your best life with passion and purpose.  

It’s so easy to get side-tracked by other people’s stuff – your partner’s career, the kids (the kids!), your aging parents’ mounting needs. Everyday demands quickly draw you into patterns that make life seem haphazard. Your life is full, but something just isn’t working for you.

You know there’s something more, but you can’t quite put your finger on it or find the time to make it happen. 

That low-level anxiety is so pervasive you’re almost used to it. Almost. 

On the days when it’s super uncomfortable, you try to focus on all the goodness in your life. You tell yourself to just get over it. You work harder to appreciate what you have.

But all the gratitude practices in the world won’t cure what ails you because what’s missing isn’t’s trust

Trust in yourself and your ability to find your way home to a deep sense of personal fulfillment and wholeness. And trust your capacity to fully manifest the life you desire.

There are plenty of reasons you’ve lost your way into yourself. The biggest one? Our evidence-based culture totally devalues what can’t be seen or measured. Anything intuitive is utterly diminished: labelled woo-woo, soft science, weird, or worse.

As women, we have a natural affinity to the time-honoured tools of alchemy and mysticism, but we’ve learned that our inner voice is not to be valued or trusted in the face of conflicting concrete proof. We've learned to doubt ourselves.

 Your innate feminine qualities – flexibility, patience – have helped you survive in this left-brain-dominant world. But that adaptability also works against you: it’s enabled you to lean further and further away from your own authentic longings, to deny your yearning for a richer relationship with your inner experience. 

The odds are not in your favour. We’re consistently told “sh*t happens”, that it’s easier to just go along with things. Be nice. Until life becomes accidental instead of intentional. Until you believe there’s no other choice.

On some level, you know the world is actually full to the brim of unlimited potential and possibility. You want a piece of that: to be able to tap into that infinite creative power at will. 

Somewhere, deep down, there’s a part of you that remembers. There's a part of you that knows you have an innate capacity to generate the life you desire with authority. 

This part of you just needs to be activated.

By evoking the energy of the Moon’s cycles, practicing deliberate feminine dreaming, and engaging conscious language to set powerful intentions, you can regain true agency as a potent co-creative force in your world.

This is why we created Magnetic Moon Cycles ~ Crafting Powerful Intentions to Cultivate Inner Clarity and Take Inspired Action

In our unique 7-week course, we hold a deeply welcoming, sacred space for you to rediscover those timeless tools and simple, yet rich feminine practices that support you to align with your inner knowingness as you renew your relationship with powerful intention-setting. After 7 weeks you will:

  • Learn to use ancient Moon wisdom for deeper self-reflection to reconnect with your true desires

  • Know the precise steps to setting powerful intentions that consistently bear fruit

  • Regain the inner clarity you need to truly know what feeds you even in the face of others' demands

  • Fortify your unique voice to be a source of resounding positivity in your world

  • Uncover your inner courage to fully support your personal way forward

  • Feel more balanced and whole in your life and relationships

  • Realign with your natural co-creative capacity to manifest meaningful connections and fulfilling experiences

  • Be empowered to live your best life with passion, focus and joy

 Val & Sasha

Our Story & Invitation

We became friends through amazing synchronicities and a nudge from our mutual Astrologer when our children were small and our responsibilities were still significant. For years we’ve explored the nature of consciousness, the Moon cycles’ alignment with our personal experiences, and the power of intention to create our reality. We took classes together, traded books and shared podcasts.

But no matter the topic of conversation, we always circled back to the same theme: our unfulfilled potential; our sense of wanting to do more and be more of who we really are in this world.

Despite living an exciting life full of adventure and rewards, Valanne faced recurring challenges based in long-held negative patterns of belief about herself she felt utterly powerless to change. “For years, juggling the demands of career and family, I lived with the awareness that I wasn’t fully aligned to my purpose. And then I was stopped in my tracks by a health crisis.”

Having successfully trained as a people-pleaser from early childhood, at 25 Sasha found herself with a beautiful baby, married to a nice man from a good family…and utterly miserable. Until then, failure hadn’t even seemed like an option for her.  “I seriously wondered what was wrong with me. Why couldn’t I be happy in this dream life I thought I had chosen?”

As is often the case, alongside these profound challenges – an alarming illness, a devastating divorce – came opportunities for major shifts in awareness. Over the years we each embarked upon our own paths to self-discovery through ceremony, Yoga, guided meditation and Moon wisdom teachings.

Ultimately, all our training, practice and experience became distilled into a potent capacity for setting powerful intentions using ancient tools, and co-creating rich, purposeful lives for ourselves.

Over time, our mutual passion for this work and desire to share this transformative way of living led us to offer workshops, teaching circles, and birth this course! Today we invite you to join us: we'll partner you through our step-by-step process to reconnect with your soul-level self-trust and reawaken the powerful co-creator you are.

Reflecting back, there are certain people that stand out as being pivotal in shaping the paths we have chosen.  For me, two of those people are Sasha and Val.  I’ve never considered myself a spiritual person per se, but I was drawn to their open approach to the natural energies that influence us.  These two ladies are a beautiful combination - bringing together their passion for astrology and intention-setting, a modern take on Moon cycles, and their individual strengths as teachers. I was hooked from our first session together. Their course had enough complexity to be challenging without being overwhelming, particularly for those of us who are new to astrology. I so look forward to learning more this fall! 

Kimberly McGlashon 
Finance / Business Manager

When the two of you come together you each bring your distinct knowledge, wisdom and passion to your teaching, and you’re able to share it in layman’s terms. It felt like every time I entered into our online class community, we were in ‘story’ together as you each shared your perceptions of the energies we want to open ourselves to, inviting us in and nurturing the capacity to dance with. Your course is one of the most fun ways for me to do self exploration and begin to appreciate my uniqueness in the world, while gaining powerful life skills. I love to learn, but this type of content never felt accessible to me before. Together the two of you presented it with clarity, approachability, and the hands-on practice I needed to really integrate my understanding of intention-setting. Your teachings were a powerful reminder that these energies are always here and available for us to engage in, play with, learn from and use. I’m so excited to get my Moon Cycles journal this fall!

Wendy Mather
Certified Life Coach

Your course had a rare and lovely atmosphere of community that offered a really safe space for connection with others and opportunities to be genuinely heard. Learning the Moon cycles and workshopping the intentions each week gave me practical skills I can apply to my everyday life. Your curriculum was truly accessible to all levels, engaging for those of us with some knowledge but not at all intimidating to those who are new to this material. And from an educator’s perspective, your timing was right on — you were always clear while keeping the content fresh and flowing.

Christine Gallagher
Secondary School Teacher

What You Will Learn

Module One

How Intention Really Works

Unveiling the mystery of co-creation to manifest your best life

Move away from your external orientation and into a place of inner clarity with foundational game changers. Learn the simple step-by-step process to craft powerful intentions that truly actualize your dreams.

  • Identify your personal Negative Feedback Loop
  • Recover your autonomy to engage in genuine choice-making
  • Remember how to be a natural co-creator
Module Two

Timeless Tools for Modern Days

Understanding the power of the Moon and setting the groundwork for your intentions

Initiate a relationship with your personal Moon to befriend your emotional, spiritual, intuitive side. Understand the influence of Moon Cycles in setting intentions and establish your intentional language style.

  • Reconnect with your Natal Moon and its influence on how you show up in the world
  • Trade-in wishful hoping for focused, intention-setting language
  • Practice with simple manifestation tools for everyday intention-setting
Module Three

Open Windows of Possibility

Reviving the potency of Moon Cycles to craft powerful intentions

Develop your personal relationship with Moon Cycles and a greater sense of your place within them. Nurture your awareness of the ever-present stream of energy, and learn to consciously engage it to focus your intentions.

  • Revive your natural energy cycles with intuitive Moon play
  • Learn to align with Moon Cycle energy
  • Practice asking good questions rather than seeking tangible answers
Module Four

Come Home to Yourself

Finding your focus using the Moon’s Astrological House

Prompt self-recognition and gain context in those life arenas that challenge you or offer the greatest gifts. Practice self-reflection to uncover your old patterns with compassion and effortlessly course-correct to intentionally move forward with grace and ease.

  • Get the ‘inside scoop’ to optimize the daily energy you’re in
  • Use attention to Moon Phase energy as an intention reset
  • Shift into your own positive intentional language pattern flow
Module Five

Your Shadow Moon Magic

Taking a walk on the dark side

Befriend your personal shadow side and intentionally release beliefs that aren’t serving you. Harness the power of the Moon in the night’s sky to shape your best intent for yourself and your life going forward.

  • Discover the benefits of shining the Full Moon on your greatest challenges

  • Learn to stop attracting obstacles that block your way forward

  • Embrace the wholeness that comes from patience, acceptance and surrender 

Module Six

Raise Your Sails to Catch the Wind

Making meaningful Moon conversations

Integrate the many ways the Moon supports your shift into agency and self-empowerment. Become alert to the supportive signs around you and increase your responsiveness to inner wisdom and guidance.

  • Know how to best work with your energy’s shadows
  • Enjoy the freedom of thinking without believing
  • Discover how to ride the wave of opportunity with grace and ease


Module Seven

Release Certainty for Trust

Choosing self-empowerment & befriending your inner guide

Become the open-hearted Warrior: choose to be a loving agent of change in your own life. Generate compelling positive affirmations and intentions that support your empowered present and energize your sacred dream. Share in the ‘how’ of maintaining inner equilibrium and engaging with your Soul Purpose.

  • Be patient, proactive and precise in your intention-setting
  • Compassionately encourage and support your future self now
  • Gain confidence in your own knowingness above all else

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If you’re considering trying this course, don’t hesitate! Valanne’s knowledge of astrology combined with Sasha’s intention expertise is a powerful combination. Their course helped me peel away the layers of distractions to look at myself through a new, much clearer lens. Both instructors are so positive and encouraging, you come away feeling excited to play with the new knowledge you have gained. Although you are participating with people from far and away, it is such a personalized experience. I will find the time to participate in whatever these two are leading. It makes my life better! Looking forward to meeting you at the next session.

Marg Dodds
Retired Principal & Educational Trainer

I truly appreciate all the time you two put into organizing your course and the quality of material! You both brought so much thought, reflection and knowledge to each session. It was such a gift to see your different but complimentary perspectives. This group has definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone…in a good way! I can hardly wait to see what happens next for you. Thanks again ladies!

Milana Todoroff
PhD - Corporate E-learning

There’s something phenomenal about Sasha and Valanne’s Moon teachings. Every session, I end up hearing exactly what I need. Paying attention to the moon’s energy has allowed me to transform my perspective on anything I put my mind to. Through energy work, astrology, and channeled messages from guiding cosmic energies, their program has helped me form a connection with a vast well of cosmic information. Sasha and Val are the eloquent, and brilliant translators that will help you understand what the universe has been telling you. 

Mackenzie Flewell

Your Community Awaits with Open Arms...

There’s plenty of evidence of our need for community, but we don’t need science to know that we’re better together. In registering for this course, you step into a growing circle of thoughtful souls inspired to connect more deeply to their inner wisdom and walk that out in their everyday lives. Many hands make light work and joining a like-hearted group eases the challenges we all experience in the face of change. Similar to the way the Moon reflects the sun’s light, the reflection each of us offers the other helps us recognize a piece of ourselves in someone else’s story. From that fresh perspective we can each gain self-awareness, self-acceptance, and even self-love. It takes courage to walk this path, even when it’s play! Which is why we create a safe and sacred space for your process. You are fully supported as you explore timeless tools in new ways, reawaken to your natural intuition and learn to navigate your inner world with grace and ease.

We look forward to sharing this magical time with you.

Val & Sasha

Our Journey

Sasha Korper 

The term ‘seeker’ has always resonated with my innate burning curiosity and constant need to know. As an only child of a twice-divorced, business-minded Mom, my formative years were marked by chaos: flying alone to visit Dad at age six; months of world travel at age eight; nine different schools by high school. Rootless and surrounded by various extended family and friends, people-pleasing became second nature. Figuring out what the nearest adult needed and then finding ways to provide it was a nifty survival tool. It worked a charm. 

Until at 25 I found myself with a beautiful baby, married to a nice man from a good family... and utterly miserable. Where had I gone wrong? What was wrong with me that I couldn’t be happy in this dream life? That year I sat across from an Astrologer and had my first ‘Aha’ moment as she re-introduced me to myself in my Natal Chart. There would be many more moments of awakening along my path of self-discovery: decades of sitting in circle, doing guided visualizations, going out on ceremony, practicing Yoga, and studying the cycles of the Moon.

Like so many before me, I ultimately recognised the journey within is the greatest adventure of all. The process isn’t always graceful: self-actualization can be a messy business for sure. Learning to use powerful tools to set clear intentions with awareness has been key to emerging from the chaos and realising my richest, most meaningful life. Looking in the rear-view mirror, I’ve been a teacher for over half that time. But even as my sixth decade approaches, I remain a perpetual student of this precious life. And so it is I invite you to join me on this great explore – courageously seeking and empowering your own inner voice as it guides you to your profoundly inspiring life full of possibility.

Valanne Ridgeway

I have been on a journey of self-discovery most of my life. At an early age I began exploring a wide variety of disciplines contributing to my understanding of consciousness and the role it plays in the life we create. I lived a life full of adventures and rewards, while being presented with recurring challenges based in long-held negative patterns of belief about myself I felt utterly powerless to change.

For years, juggling the demands of running a business and maintaining a family, I lived with the awareness that I wasn’t fully aligned to my purpose.  And then I was stopped in my tracks by a health crisis. Forced into an unfamiliar pause to get well again, I dropped deeply into myself. As is often the case, alongside these difficulties came opportunities for a major shift in perspective, the most significant being the practice of conscious intention-setting. And then everything fell into place.

I began manifesting a path more aligned to who I am on a fundamental level. I expanded my self-awareness by diving back into my astrological studies, a passion that had taken a backseat to my role as mother and business owner. As this new way of being in the world took shape, my co-creative power surfaced with greater clarity, and I began to trust my ability to manifest a life of joy for myself. I can truly say my life was transformed!

Over the years I noticed my old beliefs and perceptions echoed in many women around me. I quickly realized I could be a catalyst for change, sharing the same timeless tools that support my life so fully. And so, I invite you to discover these simple yet potent ways in which you can truly become the agent of your own meaningful, purposeful, passionate life

This Course Includes

7 Live Course Teaching Sessions

Grounding Guided Visualization
Channelling - Message of the Week
Class Intention for each Module
Student Intention Workshopping
Transformational Journeys
Group Energy Rebalancing

7 Video Recordings of Live Sessions

Available within 24 hours of each live session


7 Session Presentation PDFs

Use the session slides for notes, as reminders, etc.

FB Private Group Membership

Feel supported by your like-minded, open-hearted Tools for Transformation community 


Session Tools

Moon Cycles Intention Journal PDF
Self-Assessment Tool PDF
Astrology Personal Natal Chart
Intention-Setting Mini-Guide 

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About Us

About Sasha

As a Certified Mayson Method™  Practitioner, YTT200 Yoga Teacher, Special Education Advocate and Virtues Project Facilitator, I’m uniquely positioned to bring together my two passions: Energy Medicine and Education.

For over 30 years I’ve trained trainers, developed programs, delivered workshops, and taught classes. My focus is to help you rediscover your soul’s genius and clarify your intentions to take inspired action with a joyful heart.

At times we all forget our own innocence, beauty and wholeness. I support you to release those unconscious blocks that are keeping you small, so your life becomes richer and fuller. I offer tools to help break open your box of limiting beliefs, clear out unwanted patterns, and optimize your alignment with your inner wisdom, so you can truly live your best life on-purpose.

About Val

I'm a practicing Astrologer certified with the Canadian Association for Astrological Education (CAAE II), have my Reiki Level II and have mentored with a master energy practitioner for many years. 

I also channel a higher consciousness that describes itself as a ‘soul collective’, offering profound healing and guidance that consistently flows from a place of universal love.  

As we journey together, you will gain insights that empower you to align to your own life’s purpose and highest potential, illuminating your most meaningful path and best next steps forward. 

Over time, the accumulation of my soul’s experiences has meshed seamlessly with my astrological understanding, intuitive abilities and my passion for assisting others.