Attaining Grace

personal evolution Oct 01, 2023

This is a month to…see the beauty around you, whether in the harmony of your environment, your creativity, or your relationships. As one attains the grace of accepting the beauty that is offered in all parts of life, then that is reflected back to you in the beauty of your manifestations.   Zora ~ A Soul Collective

We've entered a time of accelerated personal evolution. Our heightened sensibilities are awakening, both individually and as a collective. As we move boldly into uncharted territory, feeling the inner stretch and seeking sign posts in this foreign land: we are prompted to let go of old attachments and conditioning, finding balance between fully receiving what we need for ourselves, while also genuinely considering, caring for and collaborating with others. We practice working with the discomfort that inevitably comes with change. We dig deeper to uncover the vein of wisdom within that rises to meet and guide us along our path in ways we never thought possible. 

This transformational time calls us to…

  • Reveal the ways we people please
  • Consider our lack of boundaries
  • Watch for the mental limitations holding us back
  • Speak our truth with conviction
  • Forge our own path with courage
  • Make peace with all the parts of our self
  • Feel confident that we've 'got this'

Personal Release Affirmations
Use the phrases below to craft your Personal Release Affirmation or create your own from scratch. Let go of unskilled behaviours and fully receive the harmony that accompanies honouring your higher frequencies.

This transformational time helps me loosen my hold on _________________________.
I am now willing to honour _____________________.

Loosen my hold on ~ my impatience; acting on impulse; pushing my opinions on others; needing to be right; lacking self-confidence; excessive competition; thoughtless self-absorption; being overly harsh, childish or demanding

Willing to honour ~ my capacity for bravery; natural candour; self-sufficiency; being an initiator; a desire to be forthright; the willingness to lead; easy originality; collaborating without over-compromising

Notice what is coming up for you during this time and customize the affirmations in ways that feel most supportive to your current experiences. 



In our September Circlecertified ShadowWork® facilitator and author, Nathalie Jackson gently and firmly guided us to explore the shadow side of our inner child, uncover our deeper needs, and access our innate resources to feel more fully supported on our personal path.

Getting curious about the parts of ourselves that typically hide out behind socially acceptable masks is a potent approach to self-empowerment.

We often refer to our inner wisdom as “the part of you that always knows”, that part of us that holds the key to our inner peace and happiness: deep connection, true meaning, deep fulfilment, love. But we also struggle with not always being able to hear that wise voice clearly. Which is why we seek out and practice robust tools for deep listening: we want to intentionally nurture our innate capacity for hearing ourselves at that deeper level.

One of the most effective ways to do that is to welcome your shadow home. 

Being willing to see, feel and acknowledge the parts of ourselves we judge or dislike, and instead invite all our awkward aspects into the light, we free up life force energy and open our lives to infinite possibility, rich connections and daily joy. 

This might seem like a daunting task at first.

A simple way to start is by using your favourite tool to get grounded in yourself — always embark upon this kind of deep work by first finding your centre. Then invite a part of yourself that may have been hiding out for a long time to come and sit with you...

  • The Controller 
  • The Inner Critic
  • The Caregiver
  • The Overachiever
  • The Peacekeeper
  • The Good Person

Spend some time with this part of yourself that has been ignored or diminished...or perhaps over developed? Feel into how that aspect is in need of some balanced attention, some care, perhaps some love.

Consider how each of these and many more parts of you that sit at the 'round table' of your life can both be of service to your larger intentions, and also hinder you from shining in your fullest light. 

For more guidance from Nathalie check out her book All the Light and Dark Things here, reach out to her directly here, or join our InnerWisdom Circle community for essential guidance and practical tools to help you reconnect with your deepest knowing ~ details here.


Looking for more ways to support your personal evolution? Download our free InnerWisdom Toolkit: A beautiful collection of simple yet powerful ways to regain your inner equilibrium and reconnect to the innate wisdom within. Get your Connection Type Quiz, Release Ritual, audio guides & Inner Knowing e-book free here.


Looking for professional practitioner support on your personal growth path? Astro-Clearing is a powerful combination of Soul-based Astrology & Energy Rebalancing helping you navigate next steps in alignment with your soul's design. Find crystal clarity. Take inspired action with confidence. Expand into joy. Live life tuned-in to the part of you that always knowsGet details on sessions with Valanne & Sasha here.


*Newsletter Photo
A freshly hatched snapper turtle being returned to its native pond area. Some First Nations traditions see snapper turtle medicine as a reminder to use your mouth (voice) in ways that are powerful and unique to you, and to engage your knowing to right yourself when life feels off kilter.


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