Alignment From Within

Attune Your Chakras for Confidence & Joy


A self-paced online course with Master Metaphysical Practitioner & Celebrant, Francesca Bonta

Join me and learn to harness your power from the inside-out, so you can inhabit the eye of your personal storm.


Hi, I'm Francesca, and this is a course I created out of my own profoundly positive experiences working with Chakras. First for myself, and then in my professional energy work with hundreds of clients for over two decades.

Like you, I'm outgoing, successful, animated and confident on the outside. Like you, I can be timid in my personal relationships, wary of disappointing others or hesitant to stand up for my own deeper needs.

As a recovering people-pleaser / perfectionist, I get what it takes to build healthy, supportive, sustainable relationships with a friend, colleague, client or intimate partner. Traditional talk therapy helps. But I wanted to go deeper.

My mission is to heal in the deepest ways possible — at the soul level.

That's what Alignment From Within offers you: easy entry into the fundamentals of your energy body so you can heal at a foundational level and finally feel free to live your best life.


Knowing when and how to rebalance your Chakras, you will:

  • Gently release emotional wounding fostering greater emotional resilience

  • Discover how to cultivate greater self-empowerment and confidence from within

  • Better understand daily patterns that undermine you

  • Practice tapping into your innate strengths to gain a sense of personal agency 

  • Reduce your reliance on external validation of your deeper wants and needs

  • Alleviate your anxieties about your true worth and excellence

  • Open to opportunities for more lightness and daily ease in life


With this course you have everything you need to work with your own Chakra energies in supportive ways that go beyond surface symptoms for deeper healing and lasting results.

This Course Includes

  • Chakra lesson videos including all 7 Chakras and an introduction
  • Bonus videos including nutritional guidance and Chakra rebalancing exercises
  • Easy-to-implement techniques & tools to rebalance your Chakras
  • Beautifully designed Chakra e-guidebook full of tips & prompts to help you track your energy shifts 

My Initial Exploration & It was so Profound
Francesca's Chakra Balancing course was a great introduction to chakras. As someone new to Chakras and energy work, I found the program very welcoming and open. I appreciated Francesca's encouragement to explore my own path, trust my intuition, and to take what resonated with me and leave what doesn't. I found that some of the things we talked about in the class would unexpectedly pop into mind throughout the week which helped to broaden my awareness of what I was experiencing in my day-to-day life.

Lisa G

Loving, Safe & Supportive
The chakra alignment course is an investment that I know will continue to reveal itself in my everyday life. So much valuable information, perfectly mixed with reflective opportunities and practical action steps.
Thank you for the opportunity to look inward in a guided way. Loving. Safe. Supportive. I know I’ll circle back to this work in an endless loop. Thank you Francesca

Brooke S


Interconnectedness & Chakra Awareness
Francesca Bonta is an incredible person. I am so grateful that she offers this amazing chakra course. She is so insightful and knowledgeable and effortlessly guides you through exploring your Chakras and their interconnectedness. You feel grounded and supported working through balancing and understanding your energies. I would highly recommend this course to anyone, regardless of your previous experience or understanding of Chakras.

Kim D

You Will Learn

Lesson 1

An overview of your Chakra system

Your Chakras: The magic within and how to use it for greatest good.

Lesson 2

Getting to the Root of everything

First Chakra: Finding your inner stability to foster personal safety and greater grounding.

Lesson 3

Swimming in the belly of co-creation

Second Chakra: Exploring your innate gifts of creativity, sensuality and pleasure.

Lesson 4 

Reconnecting the fire of your free will

Third Chakra: Setting clear boundaries and making good choices that support self-trust.

Lesson 5 

Getting to the Heart of the matter

Fourth Chakra: Nurturing self-love, gratitude and forgiveness for true freedom.

Lesson 6

What stories are you telling yourself (and others)?

Fifth Chakra: Speaking your truth while listening to your voice of reason.

Lesson 7

Seeing with your inner eyes

Sixth Chakra: Connecting to universal truth and my intuitive knowing.

Lesson 8

Opening to Divine Guidance

Seventh Chakra: Embodying a co-creative force for good in the world.

Our Journey


Quick Chakra Reset

Try this 12-minute quick and simple, do-anytime clearing and rebalancing practice to support your Chakras' openness and flow.

Chakra Healing for you

All about Francesca's signature Chakra Balancing energy session, including sound bathing, custom-selected essential oils and Reiki healing.

Boost Your Energy with Nutrition

Refine your approach to maintaining optimal energy and flow through your chakra system with beautiful, live, whole foods filled with loving, nourishing energy.

Breath of Fire

with — Coach Brian Coons

Follow this easeful guided somatic breath meditation to relax more deeply, feel less anxiety and be more present to the here and now. Enjoy it as part of your regular Chakra balancing and realignment practice.

Tune-in to Tune-up

Easy Energy Testing Techniques to Feel Clear, Confident & Connected

with — Valanne Ridgeway & Sasha Korper

Your unique body wants customized input: movement, breath work, foods, supplements that all truly work for your Chakra system and support your natural energetic flow. Use these simple energy testing techniques to assess what you need in the moment so you can choose how best to align with your optimal daily experiences, every day.

Encapsulated Years of Exploration
My higher learning journey with Francesca began over a decade ago and I am eternally grateful for having met her at a time in my life where I was searching for something more, something deeper in my life.  The content was excellent and, for me personally, a great way to encapsulate years of learning about Chakras in a concise, fun and interactive way.
I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in deepening their understanding of Chakras as well as anyone embarking for the first time on this fascinating journey of the self.

Kimberly M. 


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  • 7 Chakra lesson videos
  • An introduction to Chakras video
  • Chakra rebalancing exercises videos
  • A rich & detailed Chakra e-guidebook 
  • Easy-to-follow tips, techniques & practices
  • Plus all the amazing bonuses

All course content is recorded.


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Your Teacher

Francesca Bonta

Francesca is a Master Metaphysical Practitioner & Celebrant, ordained with the CIMM (Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry). As the creator of this beautiful, inspiring Chakra fundamentals course, as well as her signature Ministry-approved professional training program, Francesca is focused on helping you to heal deeply while guiding you on your journey to express and share your uniqueness in the world in ways that feel inspiring and fulfilling. Her belief is that personal growth can be graceful and bring moments of joy as we face life's deeper challenges. Francesca's innate care for people combined with her professional skills and over three decades of work in the wellness industry make her a truly brilliant light in the arena of energy healing.

Explore more experiences with Francesca here.

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