Soul-based Astrology & Earth-Energy Rebalancing

with Astrologer Valanne Ridgeway and Energy Practitioner Sasha Korper

Live life in alignment with the part of you that always knows.

If you've always felt different in the world — a bit of an outlier, you may find your unique way of being makes it hard to fit in without abandoning yourself in some way. 

We all let life's "shoulds" get in the way. We override our inner knowing, second guess major decisions, or resist speaking our truth. Whether it's getting stuck creatively, personally or professionally, we end up making do with one-size-fits-all solutions. But, what seems to work fine for others: self-help books, talk therapy, leaves you feeling unsatisfied.

When you’re ready to go to the next level, you can sense there’s something more, you just don't know how to reach for it.

In part because none of us were ever taught to understand our deeper needs or follow our inner guidance. And most ordinary solutions focus on thoughts or feelings, but not your soul's deeper yearnings.

Evolution of the soul is a team sport.

When challenges arise, it’s helpful to consult various sources of wisdom, including universal energy, planetary guidance and, your own inner knowing. Astro-Clearing helps ignite that powerful partnership in service of your deepest longings.

Your astrological chart is a kind of multidimensional blueprint for your soul’s intentions in this lifetime.

Within that blueprint are innate strengths and aspects that teach through opposition. How you choose to respond to that chart is where your Free Will comes in.

Energy medicine helps you embody your Free Will more fully, so you can shed what doesn’t serve you even if you aren't aware of your unhelpful beliefs. Realigning by rebalancing your energy body offers clarity in your choice-making, lightheartedness, and a more consistent capacity to express your unique, creative voice.

We help clear blocking beliefs keeping you stuck in potential that never comes to full bloom, supporting you to be deeply receptive to hearing the truth of who you really are and whom you came here to be.

Working together using your astrological chart, energy medicine tools and our intuitive awareness, we can quickly identify the patterns impeding your progress and clear the subconscious barriers holding you back from taking your next best step.

Walk away feeling clear, confident and empowered to manifest your vision with grace and navigate those next steps with lighthearted ease.

This is for you if…

  1. Using your intuition feels empowering
  2. Self-discovery is important to you
  3. You’ve always seen yourself as original, different, unique
  4. Change is a bit scary…but also exciting
  5. You know there’s “part of you that always knows”

This is Not a fit for you if…

  1. “Seeing is believing” is your mantra
  2. Personal comfort is worth more than personal growth
  3. Happiness is when nothing changes
  4. Regular, average or ordinary describe you well
  5. Self-reflection is only good for checking your outfit

Working With Us

In our session together…

We begin with an invocation. It’s a sweet way to intentionally call-in supportive energy and set the stage for your success. Then we spend some time getting to know you, your current concerns and what has been happening for you.

You might be surprised to know that your challenges are often visible in your astrological chart. Valanne will share what that looks like and how those challenges might show up for you now and in the future. 

Meanwhile, Sasha clears and rebalances your energy body for those challenges so you feel stronger and more capable of rising to meet them. Then Valanne outlines where in your chart your key strengths reside, the various supports available to you, and specific directions that may feel gentler to follow.

At this point we help you set a fresh intention based on your focus or refine the one you already have. You can anticipate feeling a sense of relief as your energy body lets go of the tension of holding an attitude that does not resonate with who you are or how you want to show up in the world.

Sasha then balances you for your intention and the inspired actions you plan to take so you feel fully supported and deeply connected to your vision, purpose and path ahead.

In every encounter with us, our lived experience of decades of personal development work and professional training rises up to meet you precisely where you're at so you feel completely seen, heard and understood as the sacred, gifted and magical being you truly are. At each juncture of your process, whether in our single sessions or Natal Promise package, we guide you in the precise direction of your greatest longings and deepest desires with utmost attention and care.

Reach out to schedule a single 90-minute session with us or book the Natal Promise package to support yourself even more deeply on your journey.

[email protected]

Valanne and Sasha are an unstoppable force. They have created a safe space to help the individual process their unique journey and connect with their inner knowing by using the tools of Astrology and Energy Rebalancing. So grateful to have these ladies in my life, they have helped with my growth in so many ways. Having them both in a session is a dream come true.

Brittney Brannen
Yoga Teacher

Astro-Clearing Sessions

Single Session  $199
3 Session Package  $537 CAD  ($179 per session)

Contact us to book: [email protected]

Walk-out Your Natal Promise

A six-session personalized package

Session One The Lay of the Land

  • Discover what’s actually happening vs what you think is going on in your life and with your area of concern
  • Identify the specific challenges you're facing 
  • Reconnect your head, heart and intuition to address those challenges more effectively from the perspective of your soul's intentions

Session Two Dive In

  • Get a wider and more detailed perspective on current challenges, ongoing triggers and unhelpful longtime patterns
  • Explore innate gifts, talents and strengths that can specifically address those patterns
  • Uncover the ways in which you innately navigate your world from a place of power rather than deficit
  • Receive a channelled message tailored to any aspects of discovery related to these challenges and how they're occurring for you

Session Three Deeper Dive

  • Explore from where unhelpful patterns or innate talents may have evolved and how best to work with them now
  • Look at past and current relationships, whether intimate, familial or professional and see how they impact ongoing issues
  • Receive an Other Life Insight single query session to gain salient details into your relationship with your unhelpful patterns and / or supportive talents

Session Four Looking Ahead ~ A Full Reading

  • Explore your Astrological chart from the perspective of the ever-changing planetary cycles
  • Gain a better understanding of the energies that you will be playing in over the next year
  • Optimize your ability to take advantage of opportunities being presented to you on your personal path
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how specific challenges support your own soul growth

Session Five Energy Integration Session

  • Get focused on your inner world and how it's impacting your outer relationships
  • Use insights from your Astrology reading to go further in your self-exploration
  • Unearth hidden trapped emotions and subconscious blocking beliefs 
  • Clear and rebalance outstanding issues and concerns
  • Sharpen your perspective to set new intentions and test areas for taking inspired action

Session Six Hold the Vision ~ Bringing it all together

  • Use your natural gifts, skills and soul purpose perspective to align with intentions that 'hold' or feel true for you
  • Map out inspired actions that fully align with your vision
  • Integrate actions with your soul's intentions and set a clear path with steps to walk-out your truth in everyday life
  • Ask up to three specific questions of our channelled guides to gain additional insight or direction on the road ahead

Step into this Magical Journey

Natal Promise 6-Session Package $999 CAD
Contact to book or for more information: [email protected]

About us

Sasha Korper

Energy Practitioner / Educator / Curious Explorer

We live in transitional times, often feeling disconnected from our inner resources and divorced from our innate divinity.  This is why Valanne and I founded Tools for Transformation: to serve curious folks like us seeking practical ways to explore their inner world and intentionally reconnect more deeply to their inner wisdom.

Playing in energy is joyful for me.

I facilitate our online New Moon and InnerWisdom teaching circles, supporting groups and individuals as we open to powerful evolutionary experiences together.

In my professional practice I use energy medicine, past life regression and channelled guidance to help clear blocking beliefs keeping you small.

All real change happens on the quantum level. Rebalancing your energy body and returning to true alignment you'll experience lightheartedness, mental clarity and a richer, more soul-satisfying connection to your inner voice.

Book a session or reach out with questions.

Valanne Ridgeway

Astrologer / Channeller 
Founder ~ Tools For Transformation

I am a certified practicing Astrologer (CAAE), and have mentored with a master energy practitioner for many years. I also channel Zora, a higher consciousness that describes itself as a ‘soul collective’, offering insightful guidance that consistently flows from a place of universal love.  

Using these modalities I am able to ‘see’ your gifts clearly and support you in bringing your own light into the world in ways that are most profound for you. As we journey together, you will gain insights that empower you to align to your own life’s purpose and highest potential, illuminating your most meaningful path and best next steps forward. 

I offer one-on-one Astrology consultations and Channelled readings, as well as small group Astrology classes live online.

It feels as though this work has always spoken to the very essence of who I am and what I am here to offer.

Reach out for more info or to book a Reading / Consultation.