The Tapping Sequence

tapping Aug 24, 2023

Tap-in Self-Acceptance
We like to make our Acceptance Statements even more potent by literally ‘tapping’ positive frequencies into the body.

Tapping, also known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), is a powerful stress relief technique that combines principles of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern energy psychology. It activates the Meridians, or energy pathways, that move through your body. Tapping on specific Meridian points sends a calming signal to the amygdala in the brain, letting your whole body know it's safe to relax and receive.

By using this technique to accept behaviours or qualities you may dislike in yourself, you effectively rebalance your overall energy before setting intentions, creating a clearer vessel into which you can receive all the goodness of your deepest desires.

The Tapping Sequence
Begin by tapping on the Karate Chop point or Pinky side of your hand using the fingertips of your dominant hand.

Repeat your chosen Acceptance Statement out loud; e.g., “Even though I may hold others to impossible standards, I completely love and accept myself.”

This sends a calming signal to your brain so you can think about the 
challenging quality without feeling stressed about it. Now, continue, specifically with The Tapping Sequence, using the fingertips on your dominant hand to tap a few times, gently but firmly, on the following points:

The Tapping Sequence
1. Karate Chop
2. Beginning of the Eyebrow
3. Side of the Eye
4. Under the Eye
5. Under the Nose
6. Chin Point
7. Beginning of the Collarbone
8. Under the Arm or on the Ribs
10. Top of the Head

Repeat as many rounds of Tapping as seems right for you. When you’re complete, check-in.
How do you feel? Has anything shifted? Take this opportunity to make observations in your journal if you have one.

Not only is this an effective strategy that sets you up for success with your
intentions, but it’s also a beautiful self-reflection exercise that helps bring you back to your centre in a gentle and compassionate way.

You may notice new, seemingly unrelated shadow thoughts arise while Tapping. That’s perfectly normal. Simply create Acceptance Statements to include each thought or behaviour and keep Tapping until you’re ready to move on.

Consider how this statement makes you feel. Take time to sit with it, repeat it out loud, see how it lands in your ears, in your body. An invocation is a kind of incantation, the summoning of energies that are powerful but subtle or perhaps unseen with human eyes. The depth and stillness of your favourite grounding practice is the perfect backdrop for invoking greater self-acceptance.


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