Your life is filled with blessings. You have so much, and yet so often this just doesn’t feel true.

Despite being surrounded by plenty, it can be surprisingly easy to focus on lack. Scarcity mentality is encouraged in our culture: driving us to always want more, to feel dissatisfied with who we are, and to measure our abilities, output and inherent worth according to someone else’s standards, or material wealth alone.

Until seeing ourself as essentially not enough becomes a habit. An unhelpful one.

Often, we think of blessings as something gifted to us from the outside, a favour or talent granted by a higher power. Yet the deeper truth is that the source of all our bounty comes from within.

Our attitude toward this abundance, our personal perspective on it, makes all the difference. Hard work alone can never compensate for negative thinking fixated on what we don’t have or can’t do, what isn’t possible.

In actuality, life on this planet is naturally rich and abundant, filled with beauty of the most varied kinds. Yet finding the inspiration to shift out of scarcity thinking and into this abundant perspective can be challenging, particularly when our day-to-day seems mundane, arduous or filled with too many demands and too little deeply satisfying richness.


Which is why 40-Days of Abundance is a balm for your tired soul.

This is not just another manifestation tool.

Instead, it’s a gentle yet powerful call to your natural way of being in the world, a deeply supportive practice to help you awaken and become fully present to the abundance in your life right now.

Making the abundance shift means intentionally letting go of stories of deprivation, seeing things beyond everyday limitations, and embracing the simple prosperity not only of what is, but also of what is possible.

40-Days of Abundance is an opportunity. When you intentionally focus on the energy of abundance, you are truly in the flow of life. By consciously and consistently bringing your awareness to your blessings, you gain a fresh inner perspective, which makes it easy to co-create deeper, richer, more fruitful experiences for yourself.

Alison has created a very enjoyable process to engage with the good things in one’s life. The exercise will be especially efficacious at this time, when it is easy to forget the positive in our world.

Susie Routh

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Created & Guided by


Valanne Ridgeway

Alison Clarke

A dedicated healer and Reiki practitioner / teacher for over 20 years, Alison’s extraordinary talent for intuitive exploration and love of wholistic health has lead her to develop her own unique approach in her practice. Using a beautiful blend of energy work, cranio-sacral therapy, sound healing, guided visualization and breath-work, Alison guides you to connect deeply with yourself, bringing greater awareness to your own inner wisdom and capacity to align with your body’s innate healing process.

She helps you interpret your inner communications at every level — physical, mental, emotional, spiritual — which may manifest as injury, disease, exhaustion, pain, trauma or distress. This integrated methodology acts like a key, opening you to greater relaxation, revitalization and wellbeing as you step into a fuller possibility of you.

“There is nothing that excites me more than facilitating your deepest discovery of who you really are, because the truth of this is Huge compared to what you might think it is.”

My Journey Back To ABUNDANCE


When the 40 Days of Abundance came to me I was in a place of struggle. I was struggling with work, with finances and with situations in my life. I was in a place of lack and I knew I had to shift things somehow. I decided to take 40 days to focus on the blessings and abundance already in my life NOW. At the time I wrote that these blessings are many and they are extraordinary. I came to realize that when you are focused on the energy of the blessings and abundance of life, you are following the energy of your life. You are going with the flow. Being with what is instead of what isn’t. Doing this 40 day journey forever changed how I see my life. It showed me how incredibly rich my world is and that my sense of lack is only a perception. I learned that when I change the perception, I change the experience. I feel that this is a gift worth sharing. May the shift it offers you be as profoundly fulfilling as it has been for me.

Alison Clarke

Healer, Teacher & Intuitive Guide

40 DAYS of Abundance

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