The Language of the Stars

An Initiation into the Wisdom of Astrology


Part 2


Go beyond astrological fundamentals: reveal the ways we co-create our everyday reality with universal energies. 

You have all the rhythms of the universe within you.

Sometimes you sense planets causing unknown but strongly felt tensions in your world, or you commiserate with friends about the plethora of synchronicities suddenly showing up around you. 

So often our culture’s way of being — with its over-focus on physical appearance and material gain, misses the subtler messages contained in our everyday experiences on this planet.

And yet, there is a knowing you have: a sense of the interconnected pattern within the ebb and flow of events and relationships that extends beyond this small moment and into the realm of the celestial. This has been particularly true during the profound shifts of the past several months.

Standing under the clear night sky, it's easy to feel part of something bigger: a deeper connection to the planetary bodies engaging in their constant dance around our sun.


Consciously working with the ancient language of Astrology offers us the tools we need to uncover the deeper mysteries of the universe we live in and that live within us. As we explore ever further, we continue to reveal the rich tapestry that forms the reality we co-create together with that universal energy in every moment.


Join-in as we build on the fundamentals of this profoundly magical and infinitely practical ancient language together. This next level course offers you tools and techniques to deepen your astrological exploration. 

Knowing how to interpret the symbols you can:

• See where and how your strengths and abilities can best serve you

• Gain clarity around your unique capacities to navigate life’s difficulties

• Better understand your karmic lessons and opportunities

• Begin to work more consciously with your soul’s intentions

• Learn how and when to relax into planetary energies for your benefit

• Become aware of and align to the patterns of co-creation for manifestation

After these 7 classes you will have the tools and techniques to begin to interpret and engage with the nuances and depth of meaning that is written in the stars.

Prerequisite: Stars course level 1 or an understanding of the meaning of planets, signs, houses, aspects and rulership.

This Course Includes

  •  7 - live interactive 90-minute classes including Q&A

  • Additional live Q&A class 

  • Audio and Video recordings of all classes
  • Class slide presentations in PDF

  • Additional astrological resources
  • Optional: Home-Play activities to integrate lessons 


Valanne is beautifully skilled at making something complicated become comprehensible. Wanting to have a basic understanding of astrology, I signed up for the Language of the Stars course. Valanne's depth of knowledge was woven with her compassion for her students and her passion for the material. I highly recommend her course to a newbie like me or for someone wanting to dive deeper and expand their understanding.

Joy Caffrey
Energy Practitioner and Facilitator

I’ve always been intrigued by astrology but each time I tried to delve into it, I was overwhelmed by the amount of information. Valanne’s astrology course was the perfect introduction! I loved the pace and the ability to ask questions along the way.

Misty Ott

You Will Learn

Chart Signature

Find out how the emphasis of elements & modes colour the expression of a chart

Learn how the placement of planets in signs and houses affect the overall chart energy.

Chart Patterns

Recognize distinct patterns in the planetary placement in a chart

Learn how the distribution of the planets through the chart provide information on energetic expression.

Aspect Patterns

Gain understanding of how planetary inter-relationships impact the expression of the planets involved

Learn to identify patterns between planets and how these important configurations are interpreted.

Nodes of the Moon

Find deeper meaning within the chart by understanding the Moon's Nodal axis

Learn what the points where the Sun and Moon's orbit cross reveal about soul purpose in this lifetime

Moon Phases 

Understand how the Moon's phases at birth impacts the overall expression of the chart

Learn how to calculate the Moon phases and the influence each phase has on chart interpretation.

Planetary Movement

Recognize how a planet's movement in the sky at the time of birth influences the way it functions in a chart

Learn about a planet's retrograde motion, declination, and the impact this has on its expression.

More Than Just Planets

Explore the vast, ever-expanding solar system within your chart

Learn how fixed stars and other planetary bodies can be integrated into the information a chart offers.

Our Journey

Your Teacher

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Language Of The Stars Part 2 will run in early 2024. We will let you know when live classes will be offered.

Valanne Ridgeway

Valanne is a certified astrologer (CAAE) who is passionate about sharing the magic of this amazing, insightful and practical symbolic language.

Prior to becoming a practising astrologer, Valanne regularly looked to the wisdom of this ancient art to guide her own life journey. Through her own astrologer and first teacher, she recognized a level of personal truth and insights that consistently resonated with her own life experience.  As Valanne's astrological practice has deepened, so has her desire to delve into the true magic and wonder of this ancient language. It is her honour and joy to share it with you in this way.

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