Visioning 2024

Align with divine grace: Co-create your future forward

This is the year we trade certainty for trust.

We’re all living a real-life story of extraordinary transformation together in these strange, confounding, turbulent times of challenge and opportunity.

What we‚Äôre experiencing is a¬†great turning of the ages ‚Äď the¬†main structures we've known our whole lives all breaking down. Major planetary events shifting our human experience in ways for which we have no living memory.

What we do have is a map:  A unique blueprint written in the stars just for you on the day you were born.

That Birth Chart, like all good maps, has a key that offers you a deep understanding of the language those stars have been speaking for millennia.

That key gives us a way in to their circle of guidance and magic specifically designed for your thriving.

When you focus on the highest frequency messages of authenticity, harmony and prosperity those planets have for you now, and trust yourself to co-create your unique vision alongside the loving energies of our universe, the result perfectly serves your innermost longings, while also elevating the collective.

This shared inspiration ‚Äď the rising tide that lifts all boats, is central to the cooperative, collaborative energy of this time.

Your unique shining lights the way for all.

Visioning 2024 is all about delivering a deeply embodied experience. Alongside your personalized Birth Chart summary, energy exercises, breath practices and journeys all help you go within to receive sage guidance and create a crystal clear vision for how you want to show up for yourself this year.

Set your intentions and observe the magic awakening in each cell of your body as you evolve into the truth of who you really are. 

There is no dress rehearsal for this epic journey we’re on.

As we begin this exciting 20-year dance with our Aquarian higher mind, we can use its element of air to breathe and speak ourselves into being every day. 

Join us¬†to¬†practice being the alchemist¬†of your own life.¬†We'll stand in our truth with greater trust in our own knowing¬†so we can envision ‚Äúthe more beautiful world our hearts know is possible‚ÄĚ together.

Time in with my Tools for Transformation community is always interesting, informative, supportive, inspiring and encouraging. I always begin with the Visioning workshop at the top of the year and have been honing my capacity to create clear and powerful daily intentions as a part of my self care practice throughout the year. The monthly teachings in my InnerWisdom circle have helped expand my self care repertoire and I am more attuned to how I feel. I have more compassion and patience for myself and others.  Life is good.

Wendy Mather, Certified Coach

What an Amazing way to start off the New Year with two wonderful guides, Sasha and Valanne! It was one of the best decisions I made two years in a row. Their Visioning workshops help me gain perspective on what truly brings me joy and where to focus my attention for the year ahead.  One of the highlights was learning about setting intentions, which has given me valuable insight into living my best life on purpose and with greater ease and flow.

Christa  Wieczorek

When making decisions, especially important ones, we work from the inside out:

  1. Create a robust energetic container within which to explore 
  2. Cultivate curiosity with questions that invite depth and expansion rather than single pointed answers 
  3. Open to receive: surrender to guidance

This dispels self-doubt, strengthens self-trust, and helps generate the clarity we crave. 


Playing together in this year's workshop we...

  • Tap into the interconnected wholeness of all things for your thriving

  • Align with¬†the rhythm of the earth¬†& stars to¬†create inner coherence & eliminate overwhelm

  • Use this year‚Äôs momentum to establish roots for long-term prosperity

  • Practice releasing self-judgement to embrace loving acceptance

  • Discover how it feels to fully embody the up-levelled frequency of You

  • Learn to ride each new wave of change with grace and ease

  • Fully receive nourishing resources that support your deepest needs


Conscious Affluence ~ Making Friends with your Money

Receive three initiating exercises for this beautiful self-paced Tools For Transformation program, including:

  • Open the Door
  • Shift Your Perspective
  • Go Within

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Astro-Clearing with Valanne & Sasha

Guidance from the sky, rebalancing with the earth.

We support your search for authenticity, rich connections and deep meaning in all you do. Each soul-based Astrology & earth-energy rebalancing session reveals obstacles, clears barriers, and pinpoints your personal genius, so you feel confident to make empowered choices with less hesitation, greater clarity and more self-trust. 

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Astrology Reading with Valanne Ridgeway, Astrologer CAAE

Soul-based Astrology is focused on the deepest part of you, your essence. Receive the self-awareness you want and the celestial guidance you need to tackle current challenges with grace, find creative solutions with ease, and set clear intentions for the turbulent and transformative year ahead.

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Visioning March 23 workshop offers you...


  • Guidance around how the planets align to support your vision for 2024

  • Grounding breath & visualization to help keep you present

  • ¬†A journey to reconnect with your personal guide for¬†the year

  • Intention-setting with cues and prompts for clarity

  • ¬†Group energy clearing & reconnection to help you hold your highest vibration focus

  • Recordings & resources from Visioning Part 1

  • ¬†Vision-board building¬†in community!



Your Part 1 recordings include...


  • Detailed Astrological guidance for the three main energy themes of 2024

  • An interactive journal with information, diagrams¬†& prompts to support your journey to clarity

  • Grounding exercises and breath-work to help you focus

  • A journey to connect to your inner guide

  • Prosperity exercises to support a renewed relationship with affluence

  • Beautifully designed Visioning slide deck¬†

  • Easy anytime access to all your resources in¬†the course library

Visioning 2024 Part 2



  • Powerful visioning tools
  • Grounding Practices
  • Group Rebalancing
  • Key Dates Reminders
  • Recordings & Resources
  • Vision-board building!
  • Live online 1-3:30pm ET
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Your Guides


Sasha Korper

Sasha Korper 

We live in transformative times, often feeling disconnected from our inner resources — tentative, isolated and divorced from our own divinity.  This is why Valanne and I founded Tools for Transformation: to serve seekers like you needing practical ways to explore your inner world and intentionally reconnect to your inner knowingness.

Playing in energy is joyful for me.

In my professional practice I use energy rebalancing techniques with The Mayson Method™ alongside channelled guidance and other modalities to help clear the blocking beliefs keeping you small, so you can come home to your inner knowing with an open heart.

Many of us now recognize what the ancient mystics have known for centuries: all real change happens inside-out at a quantum level, in every area of our lives.

In all our courses and InnerWisdom Circles, we support your most powerful evolutionary experiences as we explore transformative tools, techniques and practices together.

Valanne Ridgeway

Valanne Ridgeway

My own personal astrological and spiritual journey has instilled in me a deep understanding of the power of self-awareness and connection to the energies that support our soul growth. With this perspective, being of service to those who are seeking guidance and a deepening of soul connection is a privilege and a calling for me.

I am a certified practicing Astrologer (CAAE), astrology teacher, facilitator, circle guide and forever student of life. I have mentored with a master energy practitioner for many years and I¬†also channel a higher consciousness that describes itself as a¬†‚Äėsoul collective‚Äô, offering insightful guidance that consistently flows from a place of universal love.‚ÄĮ¬†

Through this lens, I offer insights into the gifts we all have and the challenges we all go through, allowing you to see your soul’s journey more clearly, while supporting you to shine your own light in the world more brightly.  As we explore together you’ll gain insights that empower you to align to your life’s purpose and highest potential, illuminating your most meaningful path and best next steps forward. 

Vision 2024


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