The Language of the Stars

An Initiation into the Wisdom of Astrology


Part 1


Learn the fundamentals of Astrology’s symbols for deep personal insight and practical planetary guidance

The universe is speaking to you.

You may feel it in the odd symptoms you get around the Full Moon, or even the unexpected life disruptions when Mercury goes retrograde. You might have an awareness of certain energetic patterns around you, but not totally get what it’s all about.

The yearning for greater understanding – whether vague or overwhelming – is your inner wisdom reaching for the light of awareness. It’s your deeper desire to tap into the flow of the life force that surrounds you so you can use it in all sorts of productive and positive ways.

To understand what the universe is saying, you need only learn its ancient language: Astrology.

Astrology – the language of the stars, is a powerful tool to help us navigate our everyday life as we gain a deeper understanding of our life’s path.

Knowing the language of Astrology helps you uncover your own original evolutionary intentions.  It shows you the strengths and challenges you’ve chosen for yourself in this lifetime, helps you better appreciate your personal patterns, and supports you to harness the power of the stars to truly open to your full potential.

Astrology is an ancient practice of interpreting the energies of the planets as they relate to current life experience and energetic cycles of the world in general.

Once you know the basics of what the symbols mean you can begin to read your own birth chart (and others’), watching for ways to engage your gifts and offering yourself more compassion for those areas of your life that present difficulties.

Ask questions, get answers: this course is an initiation into the fundamentals of a profoundly magical and infinitely practical ancient language. It offers you the foundation from which to begin your astrological journey. 

Knowing how to interpret the symbols you can:

 See your innate strengths and capacities more clearly

 Gain confidence in your ability to address your life’s challenges

 Understand where and how you’re being pressed to evolve

 Receive insight into your soul’s purposes

 Learn how to work with planetary energies productively

  Personalize prevalent energy patterns to better align your intentions


After 8 classes you will have the Astrology language fundamentals you need to pose specific questions – about relationships, career, personal growth – and pull together clear, coherent answers from the universe.

Stars part 1 Includes

  •  8 live interactive 90-minute classes including Q&A

  • Additional live Q&A class 

  • Audio and Video recordings of all classes
  • Class slides in PDF

  • Additional astrological resources
  • Optional fun and engaging Home-Play activities to integrate lessons 


Looking for Language of the Stars Part II?

Part II Details Here

Working with Valanne to learn astrology has opened my eyes to the vast amount of information that can be seen in a birth chart beyond the basics of understanding the sun, moon and rising signs.  She has systematically and clearly explained how the signs, planets and houses interweave together to create an exquisite map that gives clues to one's own personality.  Her gifts of interpretation and communication make learning astrology not only accessible, but enjoyable as well.  I've gained far more understanding of how to read natal charts than I ever thought possible, and Valanne is simply delightful!  With her warm smile and welcoming approach, you will be amazed at how much can be learned by taking her classes.  I am grateful to have found Valanne, and I believe if you work with her, you will be too.

Susan C

You Will Learn


The basis of the astrological language

Planets: How the planetary energies express.


More than just your Sun sign

Signs: How the astrological signs qualify each planet's expression.

Planet Rulers

The strength and rulership of the planet

Essential Dignities: How each planet expresses itself in a sign and where planets are most empowered.


Where the planets express themselves

The Houses: The areas of life that are impacted by the planetary energies.


The ways planets connect and interact with each other

The Aspects: How planets interrelate and influence each other.

Reading the Symbols

What is your chart telling you?

Creating an astrological sentence: Combining planet, sign, house and aspects to gain specific information.

Chart Signature

The overall elemental emphasis that colours your chart expression

Elements & Modes: How the placement of planets affect the overall expression of a chart's energy.

Our Journey

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Valanne Ridgeway

Valanne is a certified astrologer (CAAE) who is passionate about sharing the magic of this amazing, insightful and practical symbolic language.

Prior to becoming a practising astrologer, Valanne regularly looked to the wisdom of this ancient art to guide her own life journey. Through her own astrologer and first teacher, she recognized a level of personal truth and insights that consistently resonated with her own life experience.  As Valanne's astrological practice has deepened, so has her desire to delve into the true magic and wonder of this ancient language. It is her honour and joy to share it with you in this way.

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