There’s a wellspring of joy within you. 
It’s at the core of who you really are.

Yet so often, joy eludes you.

It’s easy to think of joy as something that happens outside us: holiday season celebrations; the sound of children giggling; a bright sunny day.

So much of the precious life we’ve built is a source of enormous joy for us – our kids, the work we do, friends and family. Isn’t it ironic that these same sources of delight can also become such heavy burdens? They regularly pull us away from our own joyful pursuits, leaving us feeling scattered, exhausted and disconnected from who we really want to be in the world.

You’ve learned to rise to other people’s expectations, focus on other people’s needs and look to authority for the right answers. You’ve learned that in some fundamental way, you’re just not enough. As you efficiently and effectively step up to all that responsibility, you also step right out of yourself. You leave an essential part of you behind.

This is the true thief of joy.

Which is why 40-Days of Joy is really an invitation.
It’s the voice of your own inner joy calling you back to yourself.

Making the shift into a joy perspective means making different choices, letting go of old stories, embracing the simple beauty of what is right now. It’s not about figuring out how to be happy all the time. No. That wouldn’t feel authentic at all. It’s really about choosing to see your life differently, one simple moment at a time.


40-Days of Joy is an opportunity to embark on an extraordinary adventure. A journey that leads you back to your essential nature. Because joy is your true nature. 

When you consciously dance with the energy of joy in your life, you are choosing to be in the flow of that infinite source of wellbeing that exists for us all. You are being with, expanding into, and filling yourself with that goodness. Being in a state of joy in any given moment is the truest expression of you there is.

Go ahead, choose joy today.


40 days of Joy not only made a positive difference on my life but also on the lives of those around me. This program taught me that by creating and using mantras around joy, that resonate with me, I can do just that; be joy, bring joy and shine joy on those around me. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn how to get out of their head, and create a more positive relationship with themselves and the wonderful world that surrounds us. 

Taylor Pilkington
Strength and Conditioning Coach

When You Choose Joy

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  • Sink into the beauty of each inspiring daily quote specially selected to help you move into joy
  • Connect with a community of joy-filled souls in the Tools For Transformation Facebook group
  • Give yourself the gift of gently releasing those old limiting beliefs and fully receiving the joy in every moment

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Created & Guided by


Valanne Ridgeway

Alison Clarke

A dedicated healer and Reiki practitioner / teacher for over 20 years, Alison’s extraordinary talent for intuitive exploration and love of wholistic health has lead her to develop her own unique approach in her practice. Using a beautiful blend of energy work, cranio-sacral therapy, sound healing, guided visualization and breath-work, Alison guides you to connect deeply with yourself, bringing greater awareness to your own inner wisdom and capacity to align with your body’s innate healing process.

She helps you interpret your inner communications at every level — physical, mental, emotional, spiritual — which may manifest as injury, disease, exhaustion, pain, trauma or distress. This integrated methodology acts like a key, opening you to greater relaxation, revitalization and wellbeing as you step into a fuller possibility of you.

“There is nothing that excites me more than facilitating your deepest discovery of who you really are, because the truth of this is Huge compared to what you might think it is.”

My Journey Back To Joy

Some time ago, I found myself in a place that can only be described as lacking in joy. It wasn’t that I was in despair, it just seemed like my life had become smaller and less colourful than I wished it to be. And because of that joylessness, I felt smaller – a less full version of myself. So I decided to make a change. The result was a 40-Day practice of finding joy in everyday moments that has become this course. Taking this journey has changed my life. I’ve found greater ease and lightheartedness with myself, I have a deeper awareness of the ways in which joy is available to me every day, and I’m much more open to the wonders life has to offer. I trust it will serve you and bring you to a place of greater joy in your life too.

Alison Clarke
Healer, Teacher & Intuitive Guide

40 DAYS of Joy

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