Sasha's Services


Sasha Korper

Energy Practitioner / Educator / Curious Explorer

We live in transitional times, with a sense of disconnection from our inner resources that can leave us feeling uncertain, isolated or unsatisfied.  This is why Valanne and I founded Tools for Transformation: to serve curious folks like us seeking practical ways to open more fully to their inner world and intentionally reconnect more deeply to their inner wisdom.

Exploring energy is joyful for me.

I facilitate our online New Moon and InnerWisdom teaching circles, supporting groups and individuals to enjoy powerful evolutionary experiences together.

In my professional practice I use energy medicine, other life insight (past life regression) and channelled guidance to help clear blocking beliefs that undermine your self-trust, make you feel small and keep you from having richly rewarding experiences in your world. We use those tools to help you craft crystal clear intentions so you can make inspired choices more consistently in-tune with your most brilliant life story.

All real change happens on the quantum level. Rebalancing your energy body and realigning with your true intentions you'll experience a lighter heart, a clearer mind and a more soul-satisfying connection to your inner voice.

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One-on-one energy rebalancing sessions are 60 or 90-minutes long and include time for discussion, a review of your pressing challenges or key intentions, and 20-40 minutes of energy clearing and rebalancing. Sessions may also include channelled guidance, the opportunity to connect with your own guides, and Other Life Insights (past life regression) offered in a shorter single query format. 

Single session (60-min) $75
Series of six $400

Single session (90-min) $90
Series of six $490
You may choose to include Other (past) Life Regressions in this Series

Combo Package 1 $695
3 Astro-Clearing sessions +
3 Energy Rebalancing sessions (60-min ea.)
Astro-Clearing details here.

Additional Energy Session (60-min) $60
Up to 3 additional sessions following Astro-Clearing

Combo Package 2 $255
Astrology Consultation + Energy Rebalancing (90-min)

Gather Your Guides ~ 3-Session Package $240
We all have energetic beings that convene around us. They may be ancient ancestors, loved ones passed on, personalities from previous lives, other dimensional beings, and more. And though we can ignore them (most people do), building a positive relationship with them can be deeply supportive. Curious to know who might be waiting in the wings for you? Take 3 (90-min) sessions to meet them, get familiar, and learn some practices to help you engage their support with intention.

Other Life Insight (past life regression) (90-min) $90
Curious about how a past life might be impacting your current experiences? Use this stand-alone session to explore other (past) lives that may contain key memories of skills, abilities or motivations, clues to challenging relationships, or information to support you in clarifying your soul's intention in this lifetime.