Enlighten-up 2023

Set a powerful container to feel fully inspired

In many ways our collective future feels so uncertain.

And yet.

The available support has never been greater. As you activate the magic in your own transformation, know that through your personal evolution, the world is also transformed.

What an extraordinary time we’ve chosen to be on this planet together.

New cycles have begun, and change is already taking place, with a significantly positive energy shift coming with the spring Equinox in March. There's a palpable movement from the old top-down structures to a more heart-centred focus on collaboration, interconnection and flow.

If what the elders are saying is true, humanity has never experienced this level of expansion before now. So, how do we navigate it?

The truth is: You already have what it takes to make this amazing journey. Because you’ve always been an out-of-the box thinker. And more than ever before, these new energies we are all facing need a different perspective.

But you don’t have to do it alone.

In fact, the celestial energies guiding this evolutionary expedition are calling for us to come together, share our awarenesses, and elevate each other along the way.

Our third annual visioning workshop, Enlighten-up offers you a safe and sacred space for personal transformation as you negotiate your way through this time of exceptional change. 

During the Vision-board Building Circle March 21st, we support you to craft a powerful image that will carry your dreams from intention to manifestation in the months to come.

Recorded in January, the vision-setting modules offer valuable insights into the energetic environments we're stepping into for 2023. You'll also find simple practices to help you stay grounded and embodied throughout the year, and easy-to-do rituals to use until the March Equinox, and then beyond.

What a beautiful opportunity to nurture the rising tide we're riding that inevitably lifts all boats.

In this workshop...

  • Tune-in to the divine celestial flow of support for your personal intentions

  • Practice letting go of people pleasing & perfectionism to make space for genuine connection

  • Uncover what arenas in your life are directly impacted by this year’s planetary shifts

  • Learn when and how to manifest your dreams from within your astrological “visioning house”

  • Harness the year’s extraordinary energies to invite-in opportunities for Quantum Transformation

  • Stand in your personal brilliance and shine fully as the magnificent light you are

Time in with my Tools for Transformation community is always interesting, informative, supportive, inspiring and encouraging. I always begin with the Visioning workshop at the top of the year and have been honing my capacity to create clear and powerful daily intentions as a part of my self care practice throughout 2022. The monthly teachings in my InnerWisdom circle have helped expand my self care repertoire and I am more attuned to how I feel. I have more compassion and patience for myself and others.  Life is good.

Wendy Mather, Certified Coach

What an Amazing way to start off the New Year with two wonderful guides, Sasha and Valanne! It was one of the best decisions I made in both 2021 and 2022. Their Visioning courses help me gain perspective on what truly brings me joy and where to focus my attention for the year ahead.  One of the highlights was learning about setting intentions, which has given me valuable insight into living my best life on purpose and with greater ease and flow.

Christa  Wieczorek

Enlighten-up and enjoy...


  • Vision-setting your best future forward

  • Grounding practices to use throughout the year

  • An individualized Visioning Keyword creation tool to support your Vision-board

  • A beautifully designed Visioning Workbook

  • A customized report on your areas of life most impacted by this year's planetary energies

  • Four Rituals for New and Full Moon ceremonies: Acknowledge, Release, Accept, Celebrate

  • A Tapping sequence handout to support your intention-setting

  • The opportunity to work & play with your visioning at your own pace of grace

  • Vision-board Building Circle at the Equinox New Moon

  • Your Vision-board building blueprint

  • Resources & support materials in your course library

  • Recorded resources for anytime access

Vision-board Building Circle


  • Vision-setting Tools

  • Manifest Wheel Blueprint

  • Under the Equinox New Moon
  • All the recorded resources

  • Live Online TUE MARCH 21 '23
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Your Guides


Sasha Korper

Sasha Korper 

We live in transformative times, often feeling disconnected from our inner resources — tentative, isolated and divorced from our own divinity.  This is why Valanne and I founded Tools for Transformation: to serve seekers like you needing practical ways to explore your inner world and intentionally reconnect to your inner knowingness.

Playing in energy is joyful for me.

In my professional practice I use energy rebalancing techniques with The Mayson Method™ alongside channelled guidance and other modalities to help clear the blocking beliefs keeping you small, so you can come home to your inner knowing with an open heart.

Many of us now recognize what the ancient mystics have known for centuries: all real change happens inside-out at a quantum level, in every area of our lives.

In all our courses and InnerWisdom Circles, we support your most powerful evolutionary experiences as we explore transformative tools, techniques and practices together.

Valanne Ridgeway

Valanne Ridgeway

I am a certified practicing Astrologer (CAAE III), have my Reiki Level II and have mentored with a master energy practitioner for many years. My astrological studies and practice has deepened my natural desire to delve into the true mystery and wonder of life. From within that place of mystery, I channel messages from a higher consciousness known as Zora. Describing themselves as a Soul Collective, they offer insightful guidance that flows from a place of universal love.

It feels as though this work has always spoken to the very essence of who I am and what I am here to offer. Over time the accumulation of my soul’s experiences has meshed seamlessly with my astrological understanding, intuitive abilities and my passion for assisting others. 

As we journey together, you will gain insights that empower you to align to your own life’s purpose and highest potential, illuminating your most meaningful path and best next steps forward. I look forward to sharing this special time with you.

Enlighten-up 2023

Feel fully inspired this year!

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