New & Full Moon Dates

Your Moon Schedule

Use this Moon phase & sign reference table alongside your Birth Chart to track the astrological house each New and Full Moon falls within for you. Then bring your attention to the specific energies of that sign and house that resonate most for you. Do your best to set and refine your intentions in alignment with the highest version of those frequencies, without judgement of how it shows up in your life. 

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New Moon


September 14, Virgo
October 14, Libra
November 13, Scorpio
December 12, Sagittarius


January 11, Capricorn
February 9, Aquarius
March 10, Pisces
April 8, Aries
May 7, Taurus
June 6, Gemini
July 5, Cancer
August 4, Leo
September 2, Virgo
October 2, Libra
November 1, Scorpio
December 1, Sagittarius
December 30, Capricorn

Full Moon


September 29, Aries
October 28, Taurus
November 27, Gemini
December 26, Cancer


January 25, Leo
February 24, Virgo
March 25, Libra
April 23, Scorpio
May 23, Sagittarius
June 21, Capricorn
July 21, Capricorn
August 19, Aquarius
September 17, Pisces
October 17, Aries
November 15, Taurus
December 15, Gemini

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