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Astrology, Intention & Energy


Astro-Clearing Circles capture a key energetic theme each month and support you to dance through it with grace & ease.

Our resident certified Astrologer Valanne Ridgeway offers Astrological guidance helping you optimize the month's energetic flow in your life.

Our potent affirmation and intention statements support your attunement with the monthly energies. Personalize their alchemy with language that addresses your specific needs and desires. Practice speaking your future into being.

Certified Mayson Method Energy Practitioner Sasha Korper works her magic in the group by rebalancing you to hold strong for your most powerful intentions. She clears the trapped emotions causing distortions in the quantum field of energy we're in, and reconnects you to your higher, more supportive frequencies.

Join-in with or without video and follow along live online, or enjoy the recording at your own pace of grace.

Always free. You are most welcome in our circle.


What is Astro-Clearing?

Guidance from the sky, rebalancing with the earth. 

Each soul-based Astrology & energy rebalancing session reveals obstacles, clears barriers, and pinpoints your personal genius, so you feel confident to make empowered choices with less hesitation, greater clarity and more self-trust.

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Relax into an Astro-Clearing Circle

Tap-in to the energetic climate of each month with... 

  • Astrological guidance
  • Grounding exercises
  • Intention & affirmation statements
  • Strategies, tips & tools
  • Group energy rebalancing
  • Open-hearted community

Come away feeling calm, connected, revitalized and inspired!

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2024 Astro-Clearing Circles

Live online

First Wednesday of the month

5:30-6:15PM ET

Surrender to sky magic: reconnect with your inner knowing.

Astro-Clearing Circles

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Your Guides


Sasha Korper

Sasha Korper 

As a Certified Mayson Method™  Practitioner, YTT200 Yoga Teacher, Special Education Advocate and Virtues Project Facilitator, I’m uniquely positioned to bring together my two passions: Energy Medicine and Education.

For over 30 years I’ve trained trainers, developed programs, delivered workshops, and taught classes. My focus is to help you rediscover your soul’s genius and clarify your intentions to take inspired action with a joyful heart.

Valanne Ridgeway

Valanne Ridgeway

A certified practicing Astrologer (CAAE). Valanne channels a higher consciousness that describes itself as a ‘soul collective’, offering insightful guidance that consistently flows from a place of universal love. 

Valanne’s readings support you to gain insights that empower you to align to your own life’s purpose and highest potential, illuminating your most meaningful path and best next steps forward.


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